>Happy Birthday, Melicious!!!

>Hey y’all, we gotta make sure we show some love to one of my favorite, favorite people, I love him dearly, and he’s a regular Lo Zoner…the one, the only, the delicious…

Like me, he’s a fellow Libran, and of course, Libras are some of the coolest people you ever want to meet.

So let’s give it up for my gorgeous, big-hearted friend…

…ain’t he fine?

111, Mel!!!

We love you, man!!!

22 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday, Melicious!!!

  1. >UMMMM Ive been acting all crazy for the past few months and Mel has been watching me this whole time???? I.Did.Not.Know.That.Ohhhh in the words of my mommah I gotta act like Ive been raised!Yeah…Those Sexy Libras got it going on…Running out of the room to apply some Lip Glass…..


  2. >Not only has he been watching, Sheletha, but you've probably talked to him back and forth in the comments section without realizing it's him. He's been a regular here since Day One.Better put on some extra Lip Glass.


  3. >LOL, plenty of times. Sometimes under the name Mel, sometimes under initials, sometimes as Anonymous, sometimes under a pseudonym. I always know when it's him making a comment because Mel's responses always stand out in an extra kind of way and I know him and how he tends to respond to certain things. Trust me, there's more than just Mel interacting with you out here. You'd be surprised at some of the folks you talk to anonymously in the comments section. If you only knew, you'd coat yourself with Lip Glass from head to toe. LOL. That's the cool thing about anonymity, though. It's the great equalizer, so everybody's voice gets heard in a fair and equal forum.


  4. >ROFL!!!! Sheletha, you're a mess!! I can just see you trying to remember all the outrageous things you've said up in here. But that's what we love about you. Your comments make others step up to the plate and out of the shadows to say even more.


  5. >I want to say Happy Birthday to Mel. I wish you all the best. I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to Rich not to let his newly christened blog become overrun with estrogen (see: "You was too Yummy", "It's gotta have weight on it" and the like. Now, Rich, if you want to post a blog about Tia and Tamara Mowry, I'm there.


  6. >Happy Birthday to my man Cola. Man, no matter what movie you play in, you will always be Cola to me. For the uninitiated that was the name Mel's character called Bird (Melinda Williams) in Soul Food. Mel, believe it or not, I know a sister here in St. Louis who knows you. She used to live in Cali and has some photos where she hung out with you. Her name is Tamara N. She's real cool people. That's all I have for my "six degrees of separation" story surrounding you. So enjoy yourself, don't party too hard, and keep representing brothers in as positive a light as possible.Sheletha, you really would be surprised to know some of the people who read this blog, the Lo Zone is "like that".


  7. >*on the floor laughing, pounding my fist*Just accept it, Sheletha. A decent amount of Black Hollywood and a good chunk of folks in the publishing (authors and editors included) and music worlds have seen your shenanigans on this blog. Don't let that phase you one bit.Like Shakespeare said…"all the world's a stage."Do you, girl, do you!!!('FRI THE 13TH'. ROFL. That sh*t is PRICELESS!!!)


  8. >"A decent amount of Black Hollywood and a good chunk of folks in the publishing (authors and editors included) and music worlds"My belly hurts…..I know y'all laughing, but really I am serious. I absolutely thought that it was just the five of us floating around here (you, me, Lance, Rich, and Juan) okay six, the white dude Matt. Gotta keep it diverse. No disrespect (think: Riley Freeman.) Everyone else that I saw were passing through to say hello.Last Night I went through the blog for the past months and now I see you Mel!!!!! You big chuck of phiness you!I remember the times when Lance would mention about a LoZone Meet & Greet and I would be like "really, for the 5 er, 6 of us???" but now I think that wouldn't be such a bad idea cause y'all need to show ya face!!!! I mean really…In the Zone Im silly but fo'real I got some degrees! I got some God given sense. I guess this is my disclaimer cause now I cant stop…I gotta continue my role in this show and DO ME.


  9. >Yeah, it might seem like there's just the five or six of us, but that's because you guys are really outspoken, and believe me, the readers love the way y'all step forward and run things. Most of the people who frequent my blog lay waaaaaaaaaay back in the cut and e-mail me on the quiet, telling me their thoughts on the day's exchanges. Certain things bring women out of the woodworks (The 'Dre Buffet can have that effect), but most love the anonymity of reading what's going on and laughing at or contemplating the discussion.Also, some people step out in the front for a while, then fade to the back, then come out again, even though they are consistent readers. Girly_Girl has been commenting a lot more lately. She and I communicate pretty regularly via MySpace. Same with Monique, Dawnya, LBoogie, Ettevy, John Barlow, CortneyGee, Michelle, my editor Lil' Pools, my publisher The Rock, Eric Dickey, Victoria Christopher Murray…I could go on. Those are the ones who will stick their heads out on occasion and post. But there are legions of people who are watching the fireworks, many of them high-profile. I get a grip of e-mails every day from folks who don't want to post in the comments section, but do want to voice to me directly. Lots of regular Zoners who never post also write me about the blog at my MySpace page. That meeting of the five or six Lo Zoners would be a lot larger than you anticipated and the paparazzi might also show up.So revel in your role, girl. You're a star.Oh yeah…Matt's not the only white guy (or white person). Not by a long shot. The audience for The Zone is very diverse, which is something I love.


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