13 thoughts on “I’m Having One Of Those Days.

  1. >Exactly, Rich. I don't let my trainer kick my ass three times every week for nothing! I want to be able to eat what I want, when I want. That's basically the only reason I exercise. Actually, fried chicken sounds kind of good right now…


  2. >Sheletha, since you have all that time on your hands in North Cackalacky, maybe you should pick up some cook books. Southern men LOVE good cooking! I should know, I'm from the south and my new found girth proves it.


  3. >Monique:: The place I mentioned a long while ago (and Matt has mentioned it too) is L'Kesh Cafe in Sherman Oaks. I actually have them as a permanent link in the Links section on the left sidebar of The Lo Zone main page.Matt: You can hit Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar on Ventura in Encino (click this link to find out more: Stevie's), or you can make the trek to Chatsworth and hit Les Sisters (<===click the link for more info), which also has excellent fried chicken. Stevie's catfish is hella good, and they have crab legs and fried shrimp and all manner of goodies. Both spots are great. Les Sisters looks like a hole in the wall, but it is ridiculously delicious. Stevie's, on the other hand, is a big, spacious restaurant on the boulevard that has jazz and comedy performances on certain nights.


  4. >Lo,Alrighty then. I am hosting a dinner party for my ex (she's a libra as is my grandson both born on 10/16). The menu is definitely suthern. Fried chicken, ham, chitlins, potato salad, collard greens, mac & cheese, candied sweet potatoes, peach cobbler, lemon pound cake, sweet potato cake (I'll have to fedex you one), sweet tea, lemon aide, cornbread and biscuits and hand-churned ice cream.What's funny is the finest crystal, china and silver is being used. There is a wait staff and a string quartet. I think I am going to hold up in my office with a bottle of champagne because the guest list is 14 women. So if I discount the hired help, I am the only male in the place. I think me and Kris and his older brother will go to the movies and come back in time ice cream and cake.But I started out to say, them pictures make a brother hungry.


  5. >Juan, that meal sounds like it's going to be outstanding. And you plan on leaving the house? I'd be holed up in my office with the waitstaff quietly shuttling me plates of food. Sweet potato cake? Hand-churned ice cream? This sounds so delicious, I want to cry.I'm totally into food porn. Just talking about it sets me off.*Sigh*


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