>Best. Headline. Ever.



It was the first time a woman has acted as a surrogate mother for her daughter in Japan, local media reported.

The case is set to stir debate in Japan where surrogate births are opposed by the government and a key medical group.

Japan’s justice ministry also views the woman who gives birth as a child’s mother – not the biological mother.

I hope they started a therapy fund for that baby as soon as it was born because it’s got a long line of psychological issues ahead. Grandmother’s the mother. Mother’s the mother. Technically, this makes the baby its own mother. And the mother’s its sister.

Ain’t this a mutha?


5 thoughts on “>Best. Headline. Ever.

  1. >I am a firm believer that sometimes God (or whichever higher notion you ascribe to) is trying to tell these folk something by not allowing them to conceive or carry a child to term.But the other part of me thinks this is probably better than some of the surrogate arrangements I've heard about. I wish the baby well.


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