One of these days YouTube is going to lead me straight to hell.

This video, done by some absolutely insane cats called The Brand New Dudes, is straight-up bananas.

All I’ll say is that it’s called “Ass Wax,” and if you’re at work, be careful. There’s no nudity, just some edgy words. My character Penn from my current novel, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., would get along great with these guys. Enjoy!!! (…er, I hope.)

10 thoughts on “Rimshots.

  1. >Lo, somehow I think Penn wouldn't have a problem getting his salad tossed. So, apparently this (GYAE) has moved into the main stream. True story. My 22 year son has a friend who was trying to get his brother (who is gay) to set him up with one of his friends (the gay brother's friends) because he couldn't get a girl to toss his salad. On a seriouis tip, this is one of the quickest ways to get hepatitis (sp?) and a host of other thangs.By the way, Lo, I am loving the introduction at the top of the blog, you stay ahead of the curve.


  2. >Anybody who eats ass or wants their ass eaten has some deeper issues going on that have nothing to do with sex. That's some extra shit. Literally.Lo—-your voice is mad sexy, ma.


  3. >I had a girl who was really into wanting to do this (to me)."Had a girl" is the operative phrase. She was always wondering why I didn't want to kiss her.


  4. >Come on people…it's friggin 'COMEDY'…I'm probably older than all of you..but I get it. I love the beat…there is no nudity…what's the problem. Hey…it's the 21st century…get a grip. I think it's very cool and hip. Jealous people.


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