South Park Juan!!!

Finally, we can introduce one of our very favorite Lo Zoners (and longtime friend), Juan G.South Park style!!!


Notice that he’s in the clouds wearing earbuds and clutching reading material. That’s because heaven, to Juan G., is a good book and his music. Sounds like heaven to me, too. The only thing missing is a hot plate of fried chicken.

Float on, brotherman!!!

5 thoughts on “South Park Juan!!!

  1. >I am kinda digging the South Park image myself. Looks better than the real thing to me. SP didn't give you a salt & peppa option but any hair that I have left definitely got the gray thing going on.Thanks for the compliments sheletha and girly girl and Rich, it's always a pleasure to be in the company of a gentleman such as you.


  2. >Juan, don't let Cartman give you any sh*t, dude!And when the hell am I gonna' get my SP character? People don't even have to do any work! Just take one of the regular SP boys and put a different hat on him.


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