>Who’s The Creep In This Scenario?


The teacher? The principal for covering it up? Both of them?


School investigators are probing allegations that a Harlem teacher had a spring break fling in the Caribbean with a student – only to be spotted when a fellow teacher checked into the same hotel, sources said.

Spanish teacher Johnny Cuevas, 37, allegedly vacationed in the Dominican Republic with an 18-year-old female student from A. Philip Randolph High School, according to sources close to the investigation.

Investigators also are exploring whether Principal Maurice Collins was told in May 2005 of the alleged trip to Santo Domingo but improperly failed to report it – and then engaged in a coverup.

Collins allegedly called Cuevas into school on Martin Luther King Day 2006 so the duo could get their stories straight, a source said.

The student…


…was 18. Does that let the teacher off the hook because she was legal? What’s the world coming to with all these grown-ups preying on kids and their superiors covering it up?

New York Daily News: Teacher probed in spring fling

6 thoughts on “>Who’s The Creep In This Scenario?

  1. >My daughter just turned 20 and although in most States she would be considered legal I think if some shyt like this went down I'd have to borrow Saadia's semi


  2. >That is out of control. This is the reason why our school system is suffering the way that it is. Its just making it harder for the good teachers that are out there.


  3. >This is getting out of control. Everytime I look up I am reading about adults with children. Why isn't there anything being done about this. Oh wait, I know why…because the pedophiles are also in congress. So sad.


  4. >LOL @ dawnya. I am laughing but it's only to keep from crying. This may sound weird but when 9/11 occurred I said, "I am glad my grandmother didn't live to see this." Well, that is doubly true for all that is going on now. My grandmother, who never had anything negative to say about anyone, would not have understood the mess we're in.


  5. >I have to disagree with everyone. She's 18 and old enough to know. Shoot, "kids" are nothing of the sort these days, certainly nothing like we were when we were all in school.Besides that, she's f-ing HOT!Sorry.


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