>What…ever (Part 2).

>As if this is going to change all those nasty-ass IM’s he sent those young boys.

Dude seriously needs to sit down somewhere. In jail.

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4 thoughts on “>What…ever (Part 2).

  1. >Who gives a rabbit ass fuck. I actually don't even believe the shyt happened. Gay or not, he just need to be a man about it and fess up that he was a stone cold pervert with a fetish for young boys — not girls — and he got busted.I think I am very tolerant but those IM's pissed me the f#*k off. And to think there are probably other young men who haven't come forward for whatever reason.What's even weirder is that if you read between the lines of the articles, etc. EVERYONE knew ole boy was gay. His sister was referred to as his "Surrogate Wife." A gay florida paper asked him about his sexuality and his response was "my parents taught me there were certain things you didn't talk about." Yeah, like his old man is probably the person who molestered him . . .oops, that slipped out.Every time there is another door opened we're learning more and more about them Republicans.


  2. >I don't believe that shyt happened, either!!! You know how spin doctors are…they take any controversy and try to find someone else to blame it on. It's an insult, really, to all sexual abuse survivors who are decent, highly functioning adults.


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