>If MySpace Had Balls, I’d Kick The Sh*t Out Them.



Don’t get me wrong, I love MySpace.

It’s a great place to have direct contact with readers, other authors, and meet new and wonderful people (like this one). Heck, you can even find long-lost relatives out there. Just yesterday, my 16-year-old goddaughter and I added each other as friends (I didn’t even know she had a page).

But I swear, if I see this message one. more. time...

[click image to enlarge]

I’m gonna hurt somebody.

I know there’s a lot of people on the site and it’s an incredible amount of traffic to manage…

[click image to see how many folks are on MySpace]

…but I’ve been getting that message waaaaaaaaay too frequently of late.

Fix that sh*t.

I’m just sayin’.

8 thoughts on “>If MySpace Had Balls, I’d Kick The Sh*t Out Them.

  1. >There are days when I just give up on MySpace. The other day my account was hacked, leading to a dozen sex-site related bulletins to be posted in my name. But I see that message all the time. Not worth the time.


  2. >Note to self: purchase cod piece. Lo likes to kick the shit out of balls.I rarely sign on to MySpace and after seeing that your page had been viewed over 3,000 times I felt really inadequate that mine had only been viewed 9 times. I have all of two friends. One MySpace employee and the other an African musician whose music I enjoy. I guess I take the name "my space" too liiteral. Perhaps I need to get out and meet people.


  3. >I normally don't comment, but me and some of my friends were just talking about this same thing. It happens A LOT, even more so recently. I just give up most of the time and go do something else.


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