>Just Wondering.

>Last night, I was on the La Perla website, looking through the various collections, and I came across some interesting pictures.*

I mean, seriously, who poses like this? I know they’ve gotta sell draws, but I’m not contorting like this in my La Perla.

Then again, that might explain why I’m still single.

*The shoes are banging!!!

La Perla.com

18 thoughts on “>Just Wondering.

  1. >LOL @ matt, ROFL @ Lo. In the disclaimer they forgot to mention the model was "triple jointed with a trick pelvis." No seriously that's how my cousin says she got her husband.From a former marketing major I would say the photographs were takekn to present the maximum exposure . . . of the product.See there's a reason for everything.Lo, if you posed like that you probably wouldn't have a husband but I can assure you someone would be trying to manage your "career" in different ways. Can you spell pimp boys and girls.


  2. >For real, Girly_Girl. I go to some Ukranian sadists in Beverly Hills, but them bitches is MURDAH!!!!! It would be worth it, though, to look this sleek and smooth. I'm sleek and all, but this is perfect. Must be photoshopped.


  3. >Eerie smoke fills the ZONE. Brilliant lights flash. Loud horns play signature change color music from the WIZ. (THINK–GOLD is GOLD.) A figure steps through the of non-toxic fog…"Did someone call for a pimp?" "I don't have a lot of time saints, so I will get right to it!""After looking at the pictures the spirit has delivered a word. Turn with me, if you will, to the book of LUKE…ah..Campbell. First HIT. First CHAPTER. And the word says…It's not how u POSE the coochie that getteth and keepeth the husband it's how YOU POP IT, BABY!!" "And the church said…AMEN. As always…GOD is LO-ZONE!"( Peace becomes still. Dramatic opening repeats in the reverse. Lo-zone returns to it's normal…uh, well…as normal as it gets state of being.) 111


  4. >Lo, we'll talk about this later, in private, but to get the best wax–you need to go to a GUY. I know it sounds weird, but, trust me–you'll be photoshopped for real!!


  5. >Okay all Im thinking about is Scenes From A Sista where you had a whole chapter dedicated to bikini waxing. I remember reading that back in the day thinking what in da world?


  6. >ROFL, Sheletha!! 'bout time you started paying attention. And yeah, this is a sensitive subject for me, as evidenced in the chapter "Wax Be Nimble" from Scenes From A Sistah.mj, I love it when you make one of your profound appearances. mmmmmmwah!!!Yes, Girly_Girl, we must talk. Hey, if a man's gotta be down there, he might as well be down there snatching snatch.


  7. >You all are straight up crazy. I once thought of starting a business called "coochie cutters" since I know how to cut hair and all, but it's hard controlling myself around good looking coochie, so instead, I trim the one I have at home.


  8. >I love cooking and in the late 80's/early 90's I did a little catering on the side for fun with a company I called "Nite Bites" because people were always asking me to make the stuff I had at my dinner parties. I accidentally invented a cake that became a runaway hit and was in enormous demand. The name?"Coochie Cake"The cake got its name from one of my best friends back in the day, Rhonda, who, after witnessing all the men at a party I'd thrown descend on the cake with a fury, made the comment, "Girl, you must have put some coochie juice in that cake." The name stuck and, at one point, one of the local chains of grocery stores in South Florida was seriously considering carrying my "Coochie Cakes." I didn't want to undertake the volume that would be required, though, so…my career might have gone in a whole 'nother direction.Rich—Mike and Liz had my Coochie Cakes quite often. Mike used to love them. Those and my Buffalolitas (a special chicken wing recipe I did).


  9. >I'm from Chicago and I gotta tell you… coochie and cakes were two different things.To have the coochie and cakes divinely melded together into one delicious, moist-in-the-mouth dessert…Wow. Lo in honor of my book how bout a special run of PUSSY PASTRIES! Tag could be…FINGER LICKIN' GOOD! No. That's taken. Hmmm…how about We'er the creamiest! No. That's gone. Oh.. got it "Always fresh. No matter when u eat!"


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