Bond. James Jay Bond.

It goes without saying by now that I loves me a good mash-up

…and I loves me some Jigga.

These things y’all know about me. You’ve also heard me talk about a couple of the clever mash-ups that have been done with Jay’s ultra-popular pseudo-swan song, The Black Album.

First there was the enormously popular, hugely-downloaded mash-up that started it all, the one from DJ Danger Mouse (who also happens to be one half of the brilliant duo, Gnarls Barkley)—The Grey Album


…which took music from The Beatles’ legendary White Album and mixed it with Jigga’s.

Then there was the way clever joint called The Purple Album

…which took The Black Album and mixed it with Prince’s seminal work, Purple Rain.

Now comes an absurdly cool mash-up that takes The Black Album and mixes it with scores from various James Bond films.

It’s called The Black Bond Album.

Check out this version of one of my all-time favorite songs by Hov, “Encore.” (Click link below to listen)

You can hear more at the album’s MySpace site, or click this image…

…to download the whole thing for FREE. (We LOVES free!!!)

Enjoy, babies. Never let it be said I don’t keep y’all abreast.

The Black Bond Album on MySpace
The Grey Album Download Site
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7 thoughts on “Bond. James Jay Bond.

  1. >I've been trying to leave a comment all day, but I think Blogger was trippin. Anyway this right here is on fire. I downloaded it immediately and I'm playing it right now.Thanks for turning us on to this, Lo!


  2. >I'm with Camelot. This is blazing! You think you've heard all the ways someone could flip Jigga's vocals, then something like this comes along and makes you say DAMN!


  3. >I don't know where Lo keeps finding this stuff, but her ability to introduce us to the new and wonderful is pretty uncanny. No misses as far as I'm concerned.Signed,D.D.PS–I tried to post this earlier just like Camelot said, but couldn't get through.


  4. >I'm feeling this. Checked out the MySpace page too. Nice. Got the download. Thanks for the heads up Lo. Hova and 007 is a phat ass match.Yo, I couldn't leave a comment earlier either. I gave up after a while, then figured I'd try one last time.Shep


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