Friday Flashback: A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Low End Theory.”

Today’s throwback jam is from one of the greatest, most iconic hip-hop albums in rap history by one of the greatest, most iconic groups in rap history.

The album, The Low End Theory

…came out in Fall 1991, and was an instant classic. It is considered a rap masterpiece (check the Amazon reviews) and legitimately deserves every bit of that kudos. The album got the coveted highest rating of “5 mics” when it was reviewed by The Source. An instant classic right out the gate.

The Low End Theory In The Source
[click image to enlarge]

Like most fans of this album, I knew every song verbatim, and played it ad nauseum. Throw this thing on at a party or a club and the floor will not just be overrun with folks, everyone will sing along to the cuts in a way that evokes both nostalgic thoughts and the feel-good vibe that genuine hip-hop brings forth.

Phife, Tip, and Shah (and sometimes Jarobi White)…

…were the shit, and I’ve got a slew of great memories that this album provided the soundtrack for.

The video I chose is actually my favorite song from the album, which is a tough thing to say when you had joints like “Check The Rhime,” “Scenario” (which Busta rocked the hell out of at the end back when he was still a member of Leaders of the New School), “Show Business,” and “Verses From The Abstract.”

It’s called “Jazz (We’ve Got)” and, to this day, it’s still my shit.

Screw it, here’s the vid for my second favorite joint, “Check The Rhime.” This’ll have you singing along fa sho’.

What the hell, I’m on a roll. Here’s “Scenario. The various cameos are great, but the major payoff comes at the end when Busta rips it.

Sorry, I can’t contain myself. Let’s go back to their brilliant debut album and kick it with some “Bonita Applebum.” The Low End Theory
A Tribe Called Quest Online
AllMusic: A Tribe Called Quest

4 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Low End Theory.”

  1. >I used to see Q-Tip around the city a lot. It took everything in me not to tackle him and have my way.Love me some Q-Tip. Love me some Tribe.(I couldn't post earlier, but finally got through.)


  2. >oooooooooh, check the rhime used to be my shit!!!!!!! i got mad hyped just watching the video. i grew up near conduit and linden. "back in the days on the boulevard of linden…"yea boyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tanya Mills


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