>It’s Coming!!!


Just two more months.

I can’t wait.

Everything about it looks fantastic.

I know Beyonce’s gonna definitely do her thang.

And I hear this one’s performance…

…along with Eddie’s

…is magnificent.

I’m even excited about seeing Jamie

…even though his performance in Miami Vice was straight-up shit-tastic.

It’s gonna be a real holiday bonanza, seeing as it comes out on Christmas, which is drawing closer by the minute. My, how the time flies!!! In the meantime, check out the very cool trailer.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Blackfilm.com: First Look: Dreamgirls
Dreamgirls Movie – Official Site

7 thoughts on “>It’s Coming!!!

  1. >Blogger.com's been tripping all day. It's been either slowing down comments or messing them out with those timeout messages. They need to get with MySpace and get their sh*t together.


  2. >I am definitely going to go see this the moment it opens. I've been on pins & needles for months waiting for the release date. I have total faith that Bey's acting skills have improved & I believe that Jen H. will rock it as Effie. This looks like this will be a stunning movie.


  3. >Heard Jennifer Hudson blows this shyte out. Can't wait to see that and see Bey do her thing. Eddie too. You can keep Jamie. That sanging n*$$a get on my last nerve.Shep


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