A Minor Correction (Just For The Record).

First off I must say, I absolutely adore AOL Black Voices. They show me a lot of love (hi Karu!! hi Ken!!), and are just a wonderfully entertaining site to visit to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world of pop culture pertaining to people of color.

This past weekend while Googling myself (what? you know you do it…besides, I was doing some research), I came across a book profile they’d done on me that I hadn’t seen before.

I was quite surprised by it and thought the layout was gorgeous. I’m guessing it was an extended part of the write-ups and podcast they’d done on me earlier this year. One part of it included Five Facts that most people don’t know about me. Items #3 and #4 particularly caught my eye:

I was a little startled to find that we’re considered X-rated out here on The Zone. I actually chuckled when I saw that because I’ve been feeling anything but X-rated lately. Still, I can’t be the one to determine how the content is perceived because it’s a perspective thing that’s relative to how the individual reading the site takes it. Perhaps you guys can chime in and give me a little insight as to the degree of raciness out here.

Also, and this one is significant: my real name ISLolita Files.” I’m not clever enough to make that up. FILES is the surname of my father’s very extensive side of the family, and they might think I’d have some nerve for trying to take credit for having come up with it myself. As for the LOLITA part, my mom decided to name me after director Stanley Kubrick’s film, Lolita

…which was based on Vladimir Nabokov’s seminal novel, Lolita.

The way my mom tells the story, she decided that, if she had a girl, she would name her either “Lolita” or “Jasmine.” Well, “Lolita” won out. Of course, my mom never read the book, nor saw the movie, so she had no idea that she was naming me after a story about a 12-year-old manipulative slut. (Why do you think they called Amy Fisher the “Long Island Lolita” in the early 90’s?)

I’ve spent much of my life beating back older lecherous men who wanted to know if I was realllllllya Lolita.” Nabokov’s title character was something he defined as a “nymphet.” Per the website Wikipedia:

A nymphet is a sexualized adolescent girl in the early days of puberty. The term was coined by Vladimir Nabokov in the novel Lolita […]

This is what Nabokov writes in the novel itself:

“Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their nature, which is not human, but nymphic (that is, demoniac); and these chosen creatures I propose designate as “nymphets.”

Demoniac. Young slut. Thanks, Mom!!!

(On a related note, I do have a dear friend who sometimes refers to me as “Locifer.” But then, he’s always got jokes.)

If I did make up a pen name (who needs one with the doozy I was born with?), it would be more along the lines of “The Skanktastic Whore” (think superhero-style, like The Fantastic Four.)*

Still, imagine the bewilderment of my one of my beloved high school English teachers, who now lives in Paris, looking me up on the internet after the release of my first novel, Scenes From A Sistah, (which many people thought was subtitled “The Lolita Files” because that most certainly couldn’t have been the author’s name)…

…only to have said beloved teacher and dear friend e-mail me that, during her search, she came up with not just information about the new book, but thousands of websites for child pornography (specifically, young girls). Quelle horror!!! Story of my life.

Fortunately, these days when you enter “Lolita Files” on the ‘net, thousands of hits for me come up first. It probably pisses off a lot of pedophiles, but then again, maybe they end up lingering on a site about me and deciding to read a book rather than doing harm to some exploited underage girl. It’s a grand thought, I know, but one can only hope.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up about my name. It’s real, and it’s mine.** I got it honestly from Lillie B. Files, a mom who didn’t read novels by Russian writers or watch movies by revered directors, and Arthur James Files Sr., a dad who was one of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. May he rest in peace, regaling those on the other side with his very, very, very tall tales.

*Of course, I’m just kidding. I would never have a name that misleading or X-rated. It’d be more along the lines of Titties Galore.

**You wouldn’t believe the kind of sex men expect to get from someone named Lolita Files. It sets a very high bar that you must decide, early on, that you’re going to try to surpass, maintain, or not even bother to reach.

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19 thoughts on “A Minor Correction (Just For The Record).

  1. >Lo, is #1 correct? I didn't think that was your debut novel, but I may be wrong.Well, if Francine Prose can be her real name I don't know why anyone would question yours.


  2. >They must have read "its gotta have weight on it" comment. I think that is the most explicit that I got. Then again, they prolly did the review waaayyy before I had said that. If, so they ain't seen nothing yet.Thank for the info on your name! That was cool to know.


  3. >The Lo Zone isn't x-rated, unless they caught us on that day when my other Lo Zone pal quipped about "it's got to have some weight". Such a classic line and quite the visual aid for readers if I do say so myself.If anything the topics on the Lo Zone simply mirror the lunacy that goes on in society. What's more, most days we provide a humorous background to all the crap that is going on in America. Now you tell me who's x-rated, the Lo-Zone or some whacked out guys in the state of Washington performing sex on animals. We don't make the news, we just comment on it.


  4. >Goodness, Juan, I didn't even catch #1, which is also incredibly wrong!!! Child of God was my FOURTH book. Scenes From A Sistah was my debut novel.Okay, now this is downright comedy.


  5. >See, Lo, now you know how little else I have to do to keep me occupied. Scenes From a Sistah is when I first met you in Atlanta and Child of God dropped (no pun intended) around 9/11 cuz I didn't get a chance to see you because we were on serious lock down here in town.Typically I keep up with things by the cars I drive but in this case it's hard to top that comparison.


  6. >All right, I got interrupted. What I wanted to say was that The Lo Zone is hardly X-rated. But, even if it was–who cares? This is a forum for adults. Personally, I need The Lo Zone. After spending my days playing with legos and attending PTA meetings, I look forward to reading everyone's comments….


  7. >The LoZone is about as X-rated as Mel Jackson's Pussy Proverbs! But, I was so outraged by what they said about the LoZone that I immediately went online and started doing extensive research on porn. I've been up since 5am and boy are my hands tired…anyway if you would like to see something really pornographic email me at meljacksonnonline.com and I can send you some for a nominal fee. Wait a minute…um…X-rated does mean porn right?God is LoZone.


  8. >"Yes, pig pussy is pork. But it tastes like chicken."juan and matt yau'll are to much for me!Lo its better to be talked abount than not mentioned at all! it's all good sista – he doing your thing and roll with it! smile! but i thought files was a pen name too – if its is yo real name that's cool!


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