When Gossip Goes Too Far.

There’s a very popular gossip blog called Perez Hilton.com.

It’s run by this guy…

…whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, and he refers to himself as the “Queen of all Media” (which, curiously, is a title also donned by gossip maven, Wendy Williams).

He first came to minor blogging fame last year with a website called Page SixSixSix, which he was forced to remove after being sued by the real Page Six, the New York Post’s very powerful gossip page. Before his site was shut down, he was refreshing, funny, and dared to say the things people were thinking about fame whores such as Paris Hilton (his blogging name, natch, is a play on hers). His favorite term for her back then was a hilarious word he coined—“whoreanus.”

At some point, he began to get into bed with the very people he was reporting on and making fun of, seriously compromising his ability to be trusted to deliver objective gossip (if there is such a thing). He began to appear everywhere with Paris (that’s him below with her and her sibs)…

…and often uses his site to attack those she no longer likes. (He spent most of this year cruelly ridiculing her then-enemy Nicole Richie’s thinness by referring to her as “zombie hands.”)

He never disparages Paris anymore, and often doesn’t report on (or positively spins) her mishaps in the press.

Perez, who is openly gay, is no longer fun and funny. Most of the time, he’s just downright cruel (he singlehandedly forced former *NSYNC member Lance Bass out of the closet with daily harassment), and is now more obsessed with his own rise to fame as much as those as he reports on (nearly a third of his blog posts are about himself).

But his site gets a lot of traffic and, unfortunately, he influences a lot of young people.

Well, today I think he did the most heinous thing I’ve seen a gossip site, magazine, or reporter do—something which I believe he should be held accountable for. A couple of hours ago, he put a post entitled, How Can We Say This Delicately???

This is the accompanying photo that went with it (he’s known for scrawling childish comments or trails of coke on the photos of the people he blogs about).

This is what the actual post said:

Fortunately, the readers of his blog reacted with sheer outrage. Click HERE to read their comments.

Here’s my question: do you think bloggers and journalists should be held to some level of accountability in terms of what they are allowed to write and how far they can go? Millions of little girls see the images Hollywood sends (be thin! binge! purge!), and we’ve got a nation of screwed up women with huge body issues as a result. I’m sure, by this post, you can see how I feel, but what do you think?


5 thoughts on “When Gossip Goes Too Far.

  1. >Its good to see his posters calling him out on his irresponsible acts of unkindness. Its actually pretty funny when you read them. Dang…and they think the comments on LOZONE is X-Rated. Ive never seen so many expletives!!


  2. >I have several pejudices. That's my disclaimer. But the first on my list is that I can't stand a white queen. Their sense of entitlement makes me want to borrow Saadia's semi- and go straight ghetto postal.But in Hollywood terms he is a fuckin' house so how could he call anyone else out on possibly gaining weight. From the picture I saw there was no reason to even question her weight. Apparently people who are cruel to others have no mirrors in their house.But here again goes the question of who are role models. Lo, if you think back to the day before the web and all other sorts of instant information we really couldn't go much further than our own communities and families for examples of responsible (or irresponsible as the case may be) adulthood. The whole celebrity obsession has gone too far and it has to stop somewhere.I don't want my daughter to be like B or anyone else. I want her to be like her grandmothers or her mother who is a very successful real estate developer or even her grandfather who literally rose from rags to riches and was the first Black man to sit on the board of directors of a public utility and successfully sued the Interior Department when they refused to rent him a slip for his yacht (not boat). But I digress. I needs me a drink.


  3. >And everyone wonders why women in Hollywood have so many body issues…Even though LL might be 'a white queen', she doesn't deserve this…nobody does.Well, I'm off to eat something fattening and drink some wine before I go 'straight ghetto postal.' Juan you're always making me laugh.


  4. >Girly-Girl, I do what I can, but the "white queen" I was talking about was not LL but the blogger (just in case you missed it).I think I'll join you in a class of wine.


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