>This B*tch Needs One Good Beatdown…


…and then all this nonsense assaulting people will be over.

Supermodel Naomi Cambpell has been released on bail after being arrested in London on suspicion of assault.

Sky’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt said Campbell was arrested yesterday afternoon after a woman walked into a central London police station and made an allegation of assault.

Police arrested the 36-year-old model at a house in Westminster, central London. She was released on bail in the early hours of this morning.

The Sun newspaper reported that Campbell attacked her drug counselor.

The paper claimed the therapist made a complaint after she was “scratched all over her face” by the catwalk model.

A spokesman for Campbell said he believed there had been a “misunderstanding”.

Misunderstanding“? Homegirl would be misunderstanding how she got my foot up her ass.

Someone needs to knock the sh*t out of her real good and put an end to these ridiculous antics.

Fox News.com: Naomi Campbell Arrested in London for Alleged Assault

12 thoughts on “>This B*tch Needs One Good Beatdown…

  1. >I will be the offical promoter for the ass whoopin tour. THE ASS WHOOPIN TOUR is for the celebrities that are flippin' out of order!!!! 5 Tickets for $25 will get you 5 open hand licks. Weapons (switches, belts, and extention cords) will be sold at the vendor tables in the venue for public use.We might take this shit international since shes from London and all. The Queen might wanna take a lic at her.Previous Sucessfull Ass Whoopin Tour Celebrities:Aretha Franklin ~ Cobo Hall, Detroit MIFoxxy Brown ~ Los Vegas, NVFantasia Barrino's Daddy ~ High Point, NC


  2. >i'm with juan…she just haven't pulled this shit with the wrong person. her targets are mostly housekeeping and hotel servants lookin' for a buck on the ass end, lookin' stupid when deys git no doe and then wanna fight….but let her pull that shit in the 'hood, they'll just take it outta her ass whether it for a quarter or quarter of a mil.


  3. >Naomi is about ugly as ugly gets…she has absolutely no class…she looks like a mo fo on crack and she acts like it too. Beyotch she is. Hope she does time for her crime. Move over Naomi and let a pretty girl on the runway…you are all sooooooo used up. Like used TP you are.


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