>Uh, And What Do They Call What They’ve Already Been Doing?

>I mean, sheesh. I’m surprised there’s no barista behind a counter holding a Frappuccino when I step out of the bathtub.

Starbucks Corp.’s recently announced goal of having 40,000 stores worldwide isn’t just about spreading green awnings through middle America, the Middle East and other areas of the world not yet tempted by easy access to mocha Frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes.

The coffee chain’s aggressive growth also hinges on what the company calls “infill” — adding stores in cities where its mermaid logo is already commonplace. In some cases, that means putting a Starbucks within a block of an existing store, if not closer.

Starbucks on top of Starbucks.

They’re not gonna be satisfied until everybody’s strung out on their hopped-up coffee.

4 thoughts on “>Uh, And What Do They Call What They’ve Already Been Doing?

  1. >I'll stick to 7-11 coffee, thank you very much. Most mornings I just need a caffeine delivery system. If I could shoot it straight into my veins, I'd give it a shot.


  2. >pepsi???? did you say pepsi????…get ready for da fix sheletha!!!!of all the $tarbuck$ that are gonna spread all over the world, i wonder how many are gonna open up in da hood? ain't gonna be many. $tarbuck$ is going the way of mcdonalds, open up everywhere and buying up real estate along the way. in nyc, near every mcdonalds there's a $tarbuck$ that's less than a block away.


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