Who’s The F*cktard That Came Up With This? Seriously.

I’ve seen these things advertised a thousand times too many, and I’ve finally decided to speak up. I mean, as if the fried chicken alone isn’t enough to stop your blood flow (yes, I am fully aware of the dangers of my favorite food). Noooo. They had to pile on a heap-a shit at once, so you can have your stroke as you’re sitting at the table eating.

That’s right, I’m talking about those damn KFC Famous Bowls.

Sure, they might taste delicious (I wouldn’t know…seriously; even I have limits), but they’re hideous to look at. It’s as though they threw everything at it, including the kitchen sink and the toilet.

Check out the contents of the Mashed Potato Bowl.

Mashed pototoes, corn, fried chicken, drizzled with gravy, then topped with cheese?????? My bad—a three-cheese blend.

Look at how they’ve got the cheese sprinkled on top like it’s some sort of festive confetti. Yeah. I’m sure there’s a party in your colon as it’s all going down. The rice bowl is the same as this, except there’s rice instead of pototoes.

I would have loved to have been in the room when this idea was thrown on the table. And it would have been even more fun/frightening to watch the idi-boob executives sign on to what a wonderful idea this new line of fried shit bowls is.

And we wonder why we’re fat in America.

KFC Famous Bowls

7 thoughts on “Who’s The F*cktard That Came Up With This? Seriously.

  1. >Lo, Kris loves them. But think about it, it's a meal in a bowl so it saves on those three-sectioned plates. Of course for those who don't like their food to touch this wouldn't work. But I agree looks like someone has piled the scraps for garbage. But apparentl — if Kris is any indication — they are tastey.


  2. >well, you know how this "bowl" thing was created…some KFC exec was putting some dinner straps in a doggie bowl and then, an "idea" popped into his head."there's some good shit in this bowl, THAT WE JUST ATE!, just add some cheese and voila!!!"…there goes another great marketing deal from kentucky!


  3. >Hey, don't blame the Colonel for this bullsh*t. I recall him being quoted back in the day when he was called in to corporate hq to test their new "gravy" recipe. He tasted it and, you should google this cause it's true, said, "I wouldn't feed this to my dog." Something about mass produced food eateries that I hate. That's why I stick to family owned or little places like L'Kesh here in Los Angeles.


  4. >This is hilarious!! This stuff is the bomb!! I feed them to my mother-in-law all the time. But I'm trying to kill her so that doesn't count. But, they do taste good…if you leave the gravy off. LOL. Lo, crack me up.


  5. >When I have bad dreams its a KFC famous bowl chasing me. Not too mention how healthy they are! Calories: 690Calories from fat: 270Total fat: 31 gramsSaturated fat: 9 gramsCarbohydrates: 77 grams


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