>Friday Flashback.

>I love classic rock just as much as I love R&B and hip-hop. So today I figured we’d rock out with a song from one of my favorite 80’s supergroups, Journey.


The lead singer, Steve Perry


…had a voice to die for—one of the greatest in rock history—the kind that soared to heights that filled an arena and made you feel every word he sang right down to your very bones.

The song I chose, from their 1981 album, Escape


…is called “Who’s Crying Now.” I’ve always loved this song, and I never get tired of Steve Perry’s voice. This is a live performance from 1981. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Amazon.com: Journey: Escape

5 thoughts on “>Friday Flashback.

  1. >Ok, I avoided this all day because I'm so "Mr. Jazz/R&B", I judged the book by the cover and was like, I'll pass.It's a wet day in the STL and nothing to do, so I clicked on over to the Zone for a listen, and I actually remember this song, and I know the words. I probably know a lot of their stuff. I guess you just have to be open to experience variety if you want a full experience.


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