>Gimme A Friggin’ Break.

>People try to come up with a medical excuse for everything. If this isn’t the biggest crock of sh*t, I don’t know what is.


Researchers are struggling to understand a rare medical condition where sufferers unknowingly demand, or actually have, sex while asleep, New Scientist magazine reported on Wednesday.

Research into sexsomnia — making sexual advances toward another person while asleep — has been hampered as sufferers are so embarrassed by the problem they tend not to own up to it, while doctors do not ask about it.

As yet there is no cure for the condition, which often leads to difficulties in relationships.

Every guy I’ve ever dated, with the exception of one, has attempted, demanded, or actually had sex while I was asleep, so why is there no medical term for that? Huh?

Sexsomnia,’ my ass. It’s called ‘night horniness.’ End of subject.

Reuters: “Sexsomniacs” puzzle medical researchers

12 thoughts on “>Gimme A Friggin’ Break.

  1. >Okay I have some that havent been publicized….until now.Blizzard Booty ~ A name concocted from a friend of mine that seemed so approporiate due to living in Michigan most of my life. Staying in some sort of a relationship for the sake of keeping warm throughout the winter months.Hotel Horniness ~ When traveling from city to city with my job, there was an overwhelming desire to "keep company" just because I was in a nice hotel room.


  2. >i hope there was no taxpayin' munny that produced this bullshit…are you serious?if so, WE need to get in on the cut and get paid!whaddya they gonna waste munny on next..wet dreams and call it "nutophoria"???


  3. >My ex wife used to beg me to knock her out with a mallot before sex. I just thought she was extremely kinky but now I realize it was an insult. God I miss her.


  4. >Sheletha, I went to college in the suburbs of Boston and we used to pack backpacks bags when we went to the clubs (in Boston) if a snowstorm was forecasted.The pickup line that was typically used then was "do you want to have breakfast?" The naive or truly uninformed thought it was too early to think about breakfast (clubs close at 2:00 a.m. in Boston) but the real question was do you want to have breakfast in the morning.I fully understand hotel horniness — we sometimes call that holiday ho — as in when on holiday.


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