17 thoughts on “>With A Mayor Named "Slay," It Was Kind Of Inevitable.

  1. >I've never been but always heard about the crime, but I can't really talk because DC was (back in the day) known as the Murder Capital.I often wonder about these statistical rankings though. There have been times when they have said various crimes were down but it seemed like I was hearing about one almost every day. Carjacking for example is supposedly down but dang near every morning there is a piece on the news about another one. They've even gotten creative, they are stealing the cars of choice — for some reason the Chrysler 300 — with a tow truck. A very well known music producer in this area was murdered a few weeks ago when he chased down a tow truck with his car because he thought it was mistakenly being towed. When the tow truck stopped the driver got out and shot him twice with his wife watching in horror.


  2. >Man Juan, after reading your story I forgot what I wanted to say. Ok, I remember.When I was preparing to move to St. Louis back in 1994, a lot of the people around me were commenting about the "danger" of living in St. Louis. Most notably, they had heard of East St. Louis (which mind you is across the bridge in Illinois and not in Missouri) and the dangers associated with living in that community. I had heard all the talk as well, but I was of the belief that someone had to be living there, since it was not a city under Marshall Law. So, the first thing I set out to do was to see if there was any truth to the rumors, because the only thing I really knew about E. St. Louis was what I had read in Jonathon Kozols book, Savage Inequalities. Anyway, since my moving here over 12 years ago, I have never been in a situation where I have felt it to be unsafe, whether I was in St. Louis or neighboring E. St. Louis (my wife grew up over there). I think the city has about as much crime as any other city it's size, in fact probably less. As a matter of fact, I remember living in Atlanta back in the early 90's and not wanting to watch the news because of all the crime that was reported. It seemed that everyday someone was being shot or killed. I'm like Juan, I'm not sure how they come up with those statistics. I am also of the belief that unless you are the type of person that just follows trouble, it will rarely find it's way to your doorstep. St. Louis is not the best city I've lived in, it's not where I want to live forever, but I just don't see it being the city with the highest crime.


  3. >I'm sure the statisticians involved have some formula for coming up with the most dangerous city in the nation, but…I really don't believe it about STL! It can't be true, people! St. Louis is terrific. I'm there all the time, by myself, and I'm the biggest scaredy cat in the world. I never feel unsafe or threatened when I'm there. I demand a recount!


  4. >On second look, they didn't even consider areas that metropolitan natives consider to be St. Louis. They just took into account St. Louis City, and they did not include St. Louis County, where a large portion of the population lives. St. Louis City represents about 330,00 residents and St. Louis county has well over 900,000 by itself. For the most part, St. Louis City is an urban area that has been allowed to deteriorate over the years. There is a resurgence of urban development but predominantly in neigborhoods that the Caucasion population has refused to let go. The city endured "white flight" and is now seeing many of those individuals coming back to the city or they are living in municipalities that border St. Louis City. The sad part of that isn't the level of crime. It's the conditions in those neighborhoods that led to the crime in the first place.


  5. >See I don't even know what that means nor what it looks like, but Im believing that its dangerous. Go On Girly Girl…Pop a mugg if you have to.Okay Im trying to avoid actually doing some work, and I was looking at the pictures rolling by…what does a girl have to do to get one of those sex.lies.murder.fame t-shirts? I think I want mine to say "fame" or "lies" the sex one is just too obvious, cause Im in it. Gosh..Im bored.


  6. >You got to love those anonymous people who believe in their position so much that they just have to correct you openly. If you feel it like that, own it! Don't hide behind the anonymous tag.I'm not a gun owner, nor do I care to be, but it's a cute gun (I went and checked it out). I'm not a cute woman who has to navigate these crazy streets so who am I to judge. I'd rather she put a slug in a cat, than be a headline. I'd get my wife one, but she's already dangerous with the bat she drives around with, and she has a low tolerance for b.s so that might be counterproductive as a gift.


  7. >well, it's nice to know that good ol' nu yawk shitty ain't in the top ten…….as well as la-la land los angeles…my bad, compton, usa is in the house (south central..yay-YAY!!!)kinda sad, but shit's gonna happen no matter where you are. just gotta watch ya back and stay focused. it's just as bad in the rural south. drugs, murder, and other crimes are on the rise but in "pockets" of areas because the population is all spread out and no law enforcement to "enforce". those days of andy and barney to come save the day are gone like last night's cheesecake. most of these stats are based on "reported" felony crimes, and by they being public record, i'm sure we could get the "real" facts if someone really, really want to.by the way, juan…the b'day party i attended on saturday night was several townhomes away from the murder scene. my friend had detailed the goings on about the murder and that in general there had been a lotta random carjackings in her complex. what they were doing were picking cars out at random, reportedly around 2:30am – 3:00am on thursday nights. instead of the old way of breaking the window, hot wiring, etc….hell, they just get a rollback tow truck and snack the whole vehicle in one grab. as far as the wife who was a witness to the murder, she has 24/7 police protection with the police car at her residence.much love to girly_girl….keep doing your thing…and pop a cap in a mutha fucka that tries to take yours!


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