20 thoughts on “>Boo, B*tches!!!!!!!

  1. >I don't know why I giggle insanely when "bitches" is used at the end of any sentence or exclamation. – shelethamaybe it's because you just said it. like "she a dumb bitch!" (giggle, giggle) or "them some stupid bitches!" (giggle, giggle some mo')but let a brother say it, call y'all "bitches" and y'all be like that brother in the blog upstairs, ret to stab sumbody!!!aiiight girly_girl…don't get it twisted, be easy!


  2. >Hey, hey now. We play nice in The Zone. I personally like seeing Sheletha's smiling face, and encourage more of you to add pics of yourselves so we can see you when you post.


  3. >Oh ohh, somebody gone get b/slapped out the Zone. You got's to play nice or you get sent home packing up in here.(noise in the background)Sheletha to Lance – "Let me go! Don't hold me!" Sheletha to Queen B – "Who you calling a bitch!" Girly Girl – "Yeah, who you calling a bitch!"Rich – Put it away! Put it away! Don't pull it out in here Girly Girl. She was just flappin them gums, she don't want none up in here. Calm down. Sheletha – Yeah, She don't want the kitten to pimp slap her out the Zone. Lo – Everybody relax, We'll let this one slide, but Queen, don't let it happen again.


  4. >alternate endingJuan – Just show me the mouth that said the word bitch. Lance – Yeah, we got ways of dealing with people like you.Y'all can tell, this is a slow day for me. I'm actually entertaining myself now.


  5. >Listen up queen bitch…now that i know that I annoy you, you really aint seen nothin yet. I got more to say and dammit im going to say it. Im going to respect Lo and not come at you any more than I already have, but I dont tolerate being disrespected. Being ignorant over the flippin internet may be comfortable, but its not condoned. I may be at work, but I got a lotta time on my hands and going tit for tat with you on a blog is not how I want to spend my time. Now you can keep it moving with your tired ass alias and desperate moves for attention.Thanks LoZoners for having my back…but I got this.


  6. >awwwww, shit…the peaches is coming outta sheletha y'all.(must be that spicy bojangles fried chicken!!!!!)listen, listen (sounds of crickets): queen b must be outta here.


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