>Give Us This Day Your Daily Bread.


When Johnny Anderson and two accomplices saw churchgoers filing into Israel of God’s Church on the West Side two weeks ago, they were struck with an idea, police said Monday: Let’s rob the church.

Anderson is accused of doing just that, interrupting a rollicking Wednesday night service by putting his gun to a man’s head, firing a shot into the ceiling and threatening to shoot children if churchgoers didn’t hand over their valuables.

“It was an opportunistic time for them to commit this robbery,” said Steve Peterson, commander of Harrison Area detectives. “As far as we know, there was no planning.”

Aside from being dumb enough to get caught, these guys were actually thinking quick on their feet. At any given time, particularly Sunday, the church’s coffers are a freaking jackpot. What with all that plate passing and building fund donating, it’s a wonder more churches aren’t hit up on a regular basis.

Chicago Tribune: Bond denied for man charged in church heist

5 thoughts on “>Give Us This Day Your Daily Bread.

  1. >i think this story will "release" some of those demons…to hit up a church on sunday morning.next thing you know, they'll be metal detectors at church!


  2. >Lo, DC (which was not no. 1 on that list) had a string of these a couple of years ago. It was during Sunday services, after the service when the trustees were counting the money, you name it was happening.One church even went so far as to ask the people to bring checks or money orders if possible to keep the amount of cash on hand to a minimum.You'd have to think there is a special reserved section in Hell for these types.


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