>In Favor Of A Knifeless Kitchen, A Home With No Phones…And A Divorce.


A judge denied bail Sunday for a South Side father of five accused of repeatedly stabbing his wife after discovering she was talking to another man on the telephone.

James Rodgers, 47, of the 8000 block of South Dobson Avenue was charged with attempted first-degree murder. He is accused of dragging his wife by the neck to their kitchen Thursday night and stabbing her with a steak knife until the knife broke. Rodgers continued to stab her with a butcher knife, hit her in the head and strangled choked her, Cook County Assistant State’s Atty. Karin Swanson said Sunday in Cook County Bond Court.

When their 3-year-old son walked in, Rodgers pushed him away and ordered the boy back to his room, prosecutors said. The woman was stabbed 15 times, including in her shoulder, breasts, neck and abdomen, Swanson said. She was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious condition and underwent emergency surgery.

A witness who was unable to stop the attack called police, and Rodgers surrendered when authorities arrived, Swanson said. According to court records, he did not remember how he got the knife but told police, “I stabbed her because I was angry with her.”

Oh. Well that explains everything. He was “angry.” Who are these entitled, insecure nuts?

Chicago Tribune: No bail for angry husband

19 thoughts on “>In Favor Of A Knifeless Kitchen, A Home With No Phones…And A Divorce.

  1. >hmmmm…sounds like more than meets the eye with this story."after discovering she was talking to another man on the telephone."interesting, sounded like she was "creepin' on the down low" and he couldn't take it anymore!!!!


  2. >You know the act of stabbing someone is a very up close and personal crime. You can shoot from across the room but a steak knife requires you to be bery bery close. I have a hard time gutting a fish or cutting up chicken so I know unless I lost it I would have a very hard time stabbing someone.Violence is never justified (understandable, but not justified) and especially when a child is involved. I tihnk even if I had lost it when the child walked in that would have brought me back but then again, when I say "hang up the G.D. phone" I usually get compliance.


  3. >Like Lo said, this guy is an entitled, insecure nut with mad issues, but…what was his wife doing talking on the phone to another guy while the husband was at home? Every woman knows that you only talk to your boyfriend when your husband is at work!!


  4. >i'on kno' girly_girl. strapped with a gunny_gun? keepin' it on the down low? sounds like you have your man on lockdown than he has you.ahhhh, nuthin' like bad gurls on the "low".(ssxse)<—'nuff sed.


  5. >Rule #356 always keep voice mail instead of an anwsering machine. The voice mail is only something you can listen to within your phone system. You never want to listen to the "i miss you, baby" messages from ya other "victims" when you just came home from a date with your current conquest.


  6. >I think the point of the story is more that you need a good, strong Ginsu type knife when going apeshit on your wife. Damn thing broke after a few slices! I'd ask for my money back.


  7. >Rule #78Never tell a man/woman exactly what you want in the opposite sex. They will imitate what what you said only for you to realize that ain't really what you want.


  8. >Rule #1 (ladies only)never mention the name "lance" during a sexual episode with him/or her (woo-hoo!!!)acceptable places:work (when your backbone slips)church (when, you've just had a flashback) gud lawd!!!!!anything related to north carolina: remember moi!!!while drinkin' a pepsi: nuthin' like an ice cold one after an "episode"…and maybe a cigarette!who's yer daddy?!!! ;-P


  9. >girly_girl I refer you to my post of yesterday about St. Louis — naw, dear just joking but to quote the ever wise Yoda, "Slap a bitch, I will."Just kidding — sort of


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