Take A Pill, Feel Free To Spill.

Scientists have developed a chemical contraceptive that temporarily blocks the development of sperm but does not interfere with testosterone levels in men.

Trials on laboratory animals, according to a media report, have shown that the contraceptive effect is reversible and that there are no apparent long-term side-effects. Scientists hope that trials of the new male contraceptive could begin within the next few years.

This comes as no real consolation in an age rampant with STDs and HIV. Still, I wonder how many men in monogamous relationships would be willing to take the pill instead of relying on their woman to take hers.

Old dogs, new tricks. You know how that goes.

Hindustan Times: Coming soon: A male contraceptive pill

5 thoughts on “Take A Pill, Feel Free To Spill.

  1. >it's better than gettin' our nuts whack'd off!!!!bad idea…if joe dumbass forgets to take the pill and ol' girl gets prego, do you think joe is gonna take any responsibility?hell to the naw…


  2. >mmm, I am all for taking responsibility but this will probably never make it out of the lab. Can you imagine a male dominated panel giving the green light for this to be used on humans.


  3. >I would rather decide when someone has my baby as opposed to hearing. "I forgot to take my pill". That's so bogus. Women can remember everything you say, but can't remember to take their fu%&%ing pills, give me a break. Their actions speak of entrapment. I mean, come on, a man should be able to get a little kitten without getting met by the dog catcher on his way out the door.


  4. >Now if they made a pill that gave your sperm a spearmint flavor….now there would be a selling point. Can you imagine the Powerpoint presentation?


  5. >well, matt technically….there is such a product…called "toothpaste". great for bj's and brushing teeth all at the same time.hey, she didn't complain and i damn sho didn't either!!!!!! ;-P~~~


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