Check Out Girly_Girl and Her Boys!!!

Here’s our very own Lo Zoner, the gorgeous Girly_Girl, aka, Saadia, and her beautiful, beautiful boys as they’re about to go trick-or-treating last night.

This is her adorable son, Davis, dressed as a pumpkin.


Too cute!!!

And this is Saadia with Noah the ninja.


Our girl, in addition to being quite dynamic and fun, is also a devoted mom who’s really involved with her kids.

You Lo Zoners ROCK!!! I’m so proud to have met so many wonderful people through this site!!

Saadia on MySpace

20 thoughts on “Check Out Girly_Girl and Her Boys!!!

  1. >nice pics girly_girl….awww, such the proud daughter got frustrated by "not" being able to participate in halloween festivities, due to her mom "religious" beliefs. why church folk, mainly Christians, so hypocritical about halloween?they won't let their kid go out or take them out for halloween, but will allow them to rent a horror movie and beyond to get "them" outta their hair?i gotta get my picture posted on the blog. i'm starting to feel like the invisible man…


  2. >Thanks, Lance.I was raised in the Islamic faith and many Muslims forbid their children to participate in the Halloween festivities, too. I don't really understand it, either. Halloween is just a fun holiday for the kids!Don't hate–participate


  3. >OMG there is a serious hater in the house. At any rate, nice pics G-G. Makes me feel bad about turning off all my lights and "hiding" in my house last night.


  4. >yeah, interesting. i was washing my car one saturday and hereeee they came, both sides of the street (note: how come there are so many fine women in JW???)…anywayi was washing my car and as they were about to approach me, my car's stereo being to blast the gap band's, "humpin'" and they sorta detoured like birds heading south for the winter.(note: when seeing JW on my block, play the gap band, REAL LOUD!!!!)


  5. >Girly girl, you have some beautiful children!! I hope they had a good time trick or treating. Hey Lance don't feel bad I am the invisible woman on here. Somebody tell me how to put a picture on this darn thing.


  6. >Most of us look back on our childhood. My youth in Arkansas always comes back to me in a warm wash of emotion. Why, I even recall my mother dressing us kids up for Halloween in our pointy white hoods and….oh, wait….


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