>I See London, I See Weed.

>For those who like to get their puff on, there’s a nifty little product that just might light your fire. It’s a new type of rolling paper called Aleda


…and it’s TRANSPARENT. That’s right, you can smoke your weed or, um, tobacco (if you roll your own cancer sticks) and see it too!


They’re apparently quite safe and don’t get in the way of the flavor of your bud.


Brought from Brazil to the states exclusively by music producer Disco D


…(he did 50 Cent’s hit song, “Ski Mask Way,” among others), the papers allow you to see everything, if you’re into watching your weed while you smoke it.

On the other hand, I guess it’s good being able to spot the seeds before they catch fire and pop.

Aleda Rolling Paper on MySpace
Aleda USA on MySpace
Disco D Online

4 thoughts on “>I See London, I See Weed.

  1. >You know way too much about smoking weed. And all this time I thought you "channeled" your books into being. Sounds like the old "puff, puff, pass" was in effect a time or too. Just kidding. I know you are drug free. I know I better say that before some idiot reading the blog tries to say you are x-rated and you get high.


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