Let’s Show This Lo Zoner Some Love!!!

You’ve heard me mention Lo Zoner Denea from time to time. Among many things, she’s the proud owner of the lovely Indigo

…who happens to belong to the same wonderful breed as three of my dogs (they’re all Shiba Inus).

Well, Indigo has apparently talked Denea into taking the bold step of creating her own blog (I told y’all shibas are smart) and showcasing her work (turns out Denea is a remarkably good artist!!). Her new blog, called The Gallery Marcel, will be her space to vent, as well as feature her artwork, like this gorgeous piece she was recently commissioned to do.

(That’s Denea on the phone.)

Be sure to visit her blog and show her some love. She’s one of us, so you know how we do. You can also find her blog as a permanent link in the sidebar on the left side of The Lo Zone.

Congrats for taking the bold step, Denea!!! And big ups to Indigo

…for nudging you along!!!

The Gallery Marcel
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9 thoughts on “Let’s Show This Lo Zoner Some Love!!!

  1. >Denea…I'm also in Atlanta (Snellville) having relocated from L.A. (Westchester) about three years ago.Your art is beautiful…congrats!Where can I see more?Monique


  2. >wow, denea…"angry art" is very powerful. reminded me of the struggles & injustice of our people in the past and billie holiday's song "strange fruit"what's next for you? any gallery displays/tours in your future?


  3. >Thanx everybody for checking out my page and for all the feedback and love.Monique, I am looking to do a few small shows in the Atlanta area in the near future. I'll keep you posted on things.Matt, Indigo (the dog in the tutu) picked it herself! Now, the other picture with the teddy bear… maybe she wasn't feeling that one too much! ;-)Lance, the song "Strange Fruit" helped shape the direction the painting took. I used to listen to the Nina Simone cover of it a lot. Its cool that you could see the influence. Thanks for the love.


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