Maybe She Thought It Was A Bad Case Of Gas.

I’ll never understand how this happens, even though I’ve heard of it before:

Amanda Brisendine attributed the 30 pounds she gained in the past year to an abandoned smoking habit and rich food. So when she went to the hospital with sharp stomach pain, she wasn’t expecting to leave with a newborn son.

“I don’t know how I didn’t know. I just didn’t know,” Brisendine said Tuesday from her bed at Overlake Medical Center’s Birthing Center, where she delivered Alexander Joseph Britt by Caesarean section.

Doctors agree her case is not rare.

George Macones, chairman of the OB/GYN department at Washington University in St. Louis, said he’s seen about a dozen cases in his nearly 20-year career.

The pregnancy isn’t always obvious when a woman is overweight, or a woman will have spotting or bleeding during the pregnancy and mistake it for menstruation, said Macones, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

I don’t get it. I mean, doesn’t the baby kick or shift or do something during the pregnancy? How can you not know you have A WHOLE BABY hiding in your cooch? I’m aware of every tiny thing that gets near that area, let alone in it.

Fortunately, no tiny things have been near it that often.

USA Today: Wash. woman unexpectedly has baby boy

6 thoughts on “Maybe She Thought It Was A Bad Case Of Gas.

  1. >LOL at that last line of the post.What's amazing is that from what I know about pregnancies there had to be some other changes to her body that should have clued this woman but I guess not. I hope the little fella is healthy.


  2. >I'm aware of every tiny thing that gets near that area, let alone in it. – Lolita FilesFirst, does size really matter? (It's gotta have some weight to it.) I really think that's the real issue here.O.K. I 've said it. I'm going back to work.


  3. >hmmm, something fishy here. (leave it alone, matt!)….loli tried to pull up the AP story, but this damn dial-up shit is for the birds (can't complain too much, i'm up here now wif it!)….anyway. i wondered if this was a "big" gurl, you know the super-size ones, that will lose 10 lbs, but look like she gain 20? yeah, that's her. but i wondered what was her economic status? so poor that she couldn't afford health insurance, therefore, no doctor care (but there always the "free" local clinic). during the months of her pregnancy, did she not see the doctor on just basic health care like a physical??? and if so, did the doctor drop the ball and didn't do his/her job this her first kid? (keep in mind, i can't pull the story up) i'm sure her breastzszs got swollen, even a little milk popped out….no periods? craving for peanut butter and tuna fish sammiches at 3am?…still she didn't know? what the hell kinda rich foods were she eating to make her swell up like prego?….sounds like to me, she told a lie and now it's rollin' down hill…you know the snowball effect.


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