All About Eve…and Adam.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the goings-on at every Waffle House I’ve ever been to:

[…] A couple that began squabbling in a motel room Friday morning carried their dispute over to an adjacent Waffle House restaurant in the nude, police said.

The woman, who was not identified, told officers she was staying in a room with Larry Boyd when he took a hit of cocaine, started trashing their room and choked her.

She ran in the buff to the nearby restaurant and locked herself in the bathroom. Boyd, also naked, followed her into the restaurant and then fled in a car.

He was arrested — still naked — after a short chase by police and was charged with driving under the influence and felony evading arrest, among other charges.

Yup. Right about the time the waitress would slide my plate of hash browns, (scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked, of course), the naked, toothless people start cruising in.

Aaah…I miss Waffle House (there aren’t any in California). It was one of the quaintest things about living in the South. I mean, who doesn’t love naked, toothless people?*

*No offense to anyone naked and toothless. That’s how we all come into the world, after all. Who wouldn’t want to stay that way?

Reuters: Nude couple’s feud ends at Waffle House

5 thoughts on “All About Eve…and Adam.

  1. >You can kind of understand why the girl ran into the Waffle House naked, but why didn't the guy get dressed before making his appearance? Everyone knows about buzz kills, this would have been a definite appetite killer…


  2. >I remember the ole' Awful Waffle. Ah, the memories of when my parents owned a pub. They went to Waffle House and my father decided to Super Glue all utensils and dinnerware to the table. For some reason, he thought that was funny. Could've been worse. They could've been nude.


  3. >in the south, it's all about the waffle house…ahhhhh, cheap eats and fun times at 3am!i'm surprised that the waffle house hasn't gone national, but i guess it's one of those treats you "regionally" look for when traveling around the u.s. the same for me when i go to california for an "in and out burger" or in miami for "pollo tropical", new york it's "white castle" (prepare to get yo' shit on!), but it's something about that "white castle" taste……i guess for these businesses, if it ain't broke (their successes) don't fix it.


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