Enter Saadia’s World!!!

For those of you who don’t know it, Lo Zone regular Girly_Girl, aka Saadia

…has a couple of really cool blogs of her own called Saadia’s World and Adventures in Drinking. She’s very specific about the content, calling it “mindless entertainment.” (Trust me, it’s far from mindless. It’s quite insightful and clever. Ms. Saadia’s one shrewd cookie.) The cool thing about them is every post on both blogs is in verse. “Not poetry,” she points out. “Just words that rhyme.”

Gotta love it.

The verse on Saadia’s World addresses a broad array of topics, while Adventures in Drinking specifically deals with all things related to the grape…and its impact. (To wit: yesterday’s post was called “White Wine Ho.”)

Be sure to stop by both spots on the regular. Her sites, which are listed in the “Links” section on the left side of this blog, are a part of our growing network of blogs by some of the wonderful people who visit The Lo Zone.

Let’s spread the love, people. Kumbaya, y’all. Kumbaya.

Saadia’s World
Adventures in Drinking
Saadia’s MySpace Page
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11 thoughts on “Enter Saadia’s World!!!

  1. >money money money . . . don't I know that refrain.g-g you're full of surprises. Now I understand your response to my post about red win the other day — practice, practice, practice makes a whole lot sense about now.


  2. >"Mingle a little folly with your wisdom; a little nonsense now and then is pleasant." ~HoraceMy blog is the biggest bunch of nonsense–ever!! Thanks for taking a look, Lo Zoners.


  3. >Hi Lo Zone Lover. Thanks for speaking up.Blogs are very personal, just as is any form of creative expression, be it painting, acting, singing, writing, composing music, etc. It's not always a question of what's the point, as much as it is the individual's creative release. You might not connect with what the individual creates, but someone else might completely relate. That's the beauty of it all. In a world as vast and diverse as the one we live in, there's something for everyone. Saadia clearly states that her material is entertainment, but even if it isn't, that doesn't matter. It's her place to be free, and I'm glad to know I can go over there and experience her world, just as people come to The Lo Zone and experience mine.


  4. >Thanks, Lo and thanks, Lo Zone Lover for your feedback.My whole life is actually kind of a 'feminist's nightmare.' I think I might use that for the title of my next post!


  5. >saadia, you go girl. what's with all this hatin' on saadia's blogs? last week, it's anonymous, mo-fos and now someone claiming to be a "lo-zone lover" wif a dumb ass statment like "a feminist nightmare"….what the fuck?!!!if the "lo zone lover" has any "love" for the lo zone, then they would know that we're a very "diverse" group that have "embrace" many, many discussions on these blogs/post. many are "shit & giggles" as lo would say to real life dramas of mental & physical health, life & death, and so on…so for you haters, get a grip….stop trying to make it be about "you" and enjoy the ride!…and if you "want" it to be about you, create your "own" blog and shut the shit up!


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