>The Chinese: They’re Just Like Us!!!


An increasing number of Chinese are eating more fat and junk food but less grains and vegetables, leading to a high number of cases of high blood pressure and diabetes…” […]

They’re becoming so westernized. Next thing you know, they’ll have McMansions and a Chinese version of Paris Hilton. Her name probably works better in Chinese anyway.

AP: 60 million Chinese are considered obese

10 thoughts on “>The Chinese: They’re Just Like Us!!!

  1. >shiiiit, juan. i'm fixin' to go an vote……..after i have my leftover b'fast of chick'n wangs and poke fried rice.chinese food, breakfast of champions!!!


  2. >I havent been able to eat chineese food every since Lo did that post on the rat meat posing as chicken.Lo's posts are just as powerful as Oprahs statements on the beef industry.


  3. >…well, rich. they do, they just eat them wif chopsticks. ever see a chinese person eat a watermelon slice with chopsticks? it's a sight to behold, no mess, clean as i don't know what……..let it be a negro and there's seed spittin', juice flyin' and watermelon rines tossed everywhere.


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