>Because Grass Can Be Gay, Too.


The co-owner of a landscaping company called Garden Guy turned down a job in October by sending an e-mail to a man who had sought an estimate for work on his yard:

I am appreciative of your time on the phone today and glad you contacted us,” Sabrina Farber wrote. “I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to work with homosexuals. Best of luck in finding someone else to fill your landscaping needs. All the best.

Floored, the recipient of the e-mail, Michael Lord, and his partner forwarded the message to dozens of friends. Within days the e-mail had spread across the Internet to bloggers, the homosexual media and online gardening forums from Seattle to Washington, D.C.

Farber and her husband, Todd, who have owned the landscaping company since 1991, were bombarded with profane phone calls and e-mails. Their online forum was flooded with outraged posts.

“It blackens my mind to think that an alternative version of the KKK is alive & kicking in the USA,” read one of the milder comments.

The Farbers, declining interviews, released a statement saying they “do not hate homosexuals” and “did not refuse service with malicious intent. … We meant to uphold our right as small business owners to choose who our clients are. We are humbly sorry for the hurt that it has caused.”

Should this couple be penalized for doing what they did? Does a company have the right to refuse service based on sexual preference? And furthermore, is there such a thing as gay grass?

If so, I’d imagine it’d make for some of the most impeccable lawns you’ve ever seen.

Chicago Tribune: Firm’s refusal of gay clients stuns Houston

9 thoughts on “>Because Grass Can Be Gay, Too.

  1. >We have the right to refuse service to anyone is often seen in establishments. To be honest I wouldn't want someone working for me who didn't like me and would respect them even more for the candor. What I find interesting here, is that from a phone call they knew the caller was gay. What's up with that?I am usually very liberal but I say I respect them more for not taking the job than taking it and ruining the couple's lawn. It's not like they have a walk-in shop and these guys were refused service in an establishment.If there is something called gay grass it certainly ain't growing in my front yard — there's some unruly stuff growing out there — I must have skinhead grass


  2. >well, there is gay grass…it's a hybrid of two different kinds XY/XX grass seeds, usually, they don't produce mo' grass, just weeds….lol* all for shits & giggles, hell, i dunno…*but the one thing that maybe going for the homophob lawn biz is with the attention it's getting from the media and the republicans getting their asses kick'd in the election, i will assume biz to pick up over the winter for winterization of their lawn as well as spring/summer landscaping. they may lose biz too from gay supporters, but if they do quality work, many of those, even closet gays aren't going to give up a quality lawn care biz on an idealism. it all comes down to quality lawn care or shitty lawn. you decide.


  3. >Although I find the comment unnecessary, business owners do have the right to refuse service. I just think she should have e-mailed him and said that we aren't taking any new clients at this time. It sure would have saved them from a lot of unwanted attention.


  4. >hey, sheletha!!!!question for all you lawyers/law heads out there: isn't this a type of "illegal discrimination"?…..but then again, a brother can't join the ku klux klan either. although there were white people in the black panthers.oh well…just a thought.


  5. >It really depends on if gays are a protected class in their state or city. Typically the protection is for employment, housing, health care (?) and possibly a few other categories but I don't think this would be the case since this is a contractual relationship unlike if they went into 7-11 and were refused service.But I go back to my earlier point, ole boy must have been flaming it up if the lady knew he was gay just from a conversation.


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