When "Open Wide" Takes On A Whole New Meaning.

Police are searching for a Dublin* doctor who they say sexually battered two men at his home and took hundreds of photographs of 19 patients who were unconscious and undressed at his medical clinic.

Dr. Tony Shiu, who ran a private practice in Dublin, is being sought on a $1 million warrant. He disappeared after the warrant was issued early last month, and police believe he has left the Bay Area.

The doctor allegedly drugged two men at his Dublin residence in August and then raped one of them, Dublin police Sgt. Herb Walters said.

A search of his home turned up about 450 photos of 19 male patients who were unconscious and semi-nude in medical examination rooms, Walters said.

What the HALE kinda mess is this? Doctors should be required to undergo thorough psychological observation for at least a year or two before being licensed (especially gynecologists…I tend to be mad suspect of the motives of a man who wants to look up in cooch all day; the same goes for proctologists).

Is nothing sacred anymore?

*FYI, Dublin is located in the San/Fran/northern Cali East Bay area.

SFGate.com: Doctor is sought in sex case

7 thoughts on “When "Open Wide" Takes On A Whole New Meaning.

  1. >#1)Yeah, me too, Lance…I was confused for a minute about the whole chinese-Ireland thing. :-)#2)Doesn't this Tony Shiu guy look like one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims?#3)The whole psychological testing for medical professionals needs to happen in a big way. Probably for teachers, too.


  2. >yeah, good point g-g on the psycho testing, only problem is these cats are too smart for the testing…they'll find a way to get around it or that nutso psyche is so deep seated that the only way it can arise outta them is to change "after" the facts are out.


  3. >especially gynecologists…I tend to be suspect of a man who wants to look up in cooch all day; – loi just happen to read over lo's comments again and it just ocurred to me, "how can ladies do that?" crack their legs open for a male doctor, knowing damn well he prolly has his dick "taped" down to not show a boner. like swimming with a shark with a necklace made of chum.


  4. >"like swimming with a shark with a necklace made of chum." – Lance

    That's exactly what it's like, Lance, which is why most women are horribly uncomfortable when in that position, no matter how many years you've been with your gyne (if it's a man). What's the motivation of a guy who wants to specialize in snatch? That (and anal docs) are the most suspect specialties in the medical profession.


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