>I should have known I can’t casually mention someone on this site and not expect you guys to dig deeper, so, since I brought him up…

…meet Face.

First off, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I’m THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET who calls him “Face.” (I’ve got a thing about giving people specific nicknames when I’ve got a soft spot for them, and his sort of came about organically. I mean, just look at him.)

Anyway, if you ever meet him and call him that, he will immediately know you’re somehow connected with me.

His real name is Mailon Rivera

…and he is one of the most naturally talented, gifted, intellectual, well-read, fun (and flat-out sexiest) people I know. He’s also one of the nicest, kindest individuals you’ll ever be blessed to meet. He’s also a Libra like me, and you know how we do.

Odds are you’ve seen him on television and in film.

He’s an actor/ producer/ teacher/ singer/global force to be reckoned with. Check him out in his starring role in the movie, Skin Deep

…(which he also co-produced), that won awards at the American Black Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival, and the New York International Film Festival, among others.

Get to know him. He’s the real deal, and I’m very, very, very proud to call him my very good friend.

Mailon Rivera on MySpace
The Internet Movie Database: Mailon Rivera
The Internet Movie Database: Skin Deep

18 thoughts on “>Face/Off.

  1. >You know what, Sheletha? I'm blessed to have very supportive friends like Mailon, Mel, Shaun Robinson, CortneyGee, Eric, David E. Talbert and his wife Lyn, Diondre, etc., who have my back and are there for me in a pinch, if I need it. That's a big deal when you're a single woman in a town as vicious as L.A. can be (Cort doesn't even live in L.A. anymore, but I know he's got my back from afar). I don't take that for granted. When God brings good friends into your life, it's a blessing. Fa sho'.


  2. >I love watching him work…hell I just love watching him. I'm glad you did this piece low. I could not remember his name for anything in the world, and I was trying to tell my friend about him the other day. We were talking about fine men.


  3. >Okay y'all, let me make this perfectly clear…Face is my very dear friend. Not my man. Not that he wouldn't make a great catch because, well, look at him, and he's got talent forever and a heart of pure gold. He's a real man's man and the ladies' choice. I love hanging with him because there's not a topic we can't traverse and he just gets me and my offbeat humor without any explanation. You need people like that in your life who don't give you the fisheye when you're just doing you. Face is one of those people for me. He just happens to not be bad to look at, either.


  4. >another point for the "hi yella" side…hahahahaha!!!….i thought dem cats went out with jheri curls and hammer pants!no hatin' mailon, just jokes…it's a lo zoner thang…except for those anonymous jerks on occasion.


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