3 thoughts on “>He’s Gonnnnne Where The Goblins Go, Below, Below, Below…

  1. >hmmmm. i think he's more happy to be stepping down than to stay. gives him a head up, on spending the hundreds of millions or billions of money he's probably collected from the iraqis, afghans, saudis & halliburton.


  2. >Dont you hate when people come into your house and leave a mess? This bastid came up in here killed thousands and thousands of our soliders and now just going back home with a fat severace package that he will live off of for the rest of his life. it aint right


  3. >I saw an interesting comment about this yesterday on CNN. Someone commented that Bush is so stupid, he should have announced this news on Monday as opposed to Wednesday, it may have changed the face of the election.Too bad, so sad.


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