>Must-See Fun.

>Last night I went to the movies with my good friend Face and we saw Borat.

It was the first time in years I’ve laughed from the moment I sat in my seat until the end credits rolled. Most of the time, Face and I were literally howling with laughter, and so was the entire audience. The fact that this film could provoke that kind of collective enjoyment was truly something wonderful to experience.

Go see it. It’s stupid, silly, shocking, heartwarming, and downright insane. I can’t even imagine how the star, Sacha Baron Cohen, was able to pitch this to a studio and have it make sense in a way where they would get it and give it a greenlight. Thank goodness they did.

This picture is a small miracle and deserves every bit of attention that it gets.

Official Borat Homesite

9 thoughts on “>Must-See Fun.

  1. >Lance, there were moments where I was laughing so hard, my body hurt and I almost lost my voice. After seeing this, there is no doubt that Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedy giant. Your money will be extremely well-spent if you go see it. We couldn't stop talking and laughing about the movie long after it was over.


  2. >He got in all kinds of trouble for some of it, Sheletha, because the majority of the people "Borat" encounters in the movie don't realize it is Sacha in character pretending to be "Borat." Instead, they think they are encountering this akwardly enthusiastic, hapless guy from Kazhakstan who's making his first trip to America. "Borat" says and does all kinds of crazy stuff that someone who is unfamiliar with the customs of this country might do, but because he's so endearingly excited, people let their guard down and let him in their space and the results are EPIC in terms of the comedy fallout that occurs.Go. see. it. I promise you will laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh…


  3. >Did you do the "tighten your legs squirm and squeal" like the girl did in The Five Heartbeats when Eddie Cane broke her off with some tunes? I don't know what this Face guy looks like, I can't access myspace at work, but judging from the comments, you probably did some kind of moan and groan.


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