>Putting The "Ow" In Chairman Mao.

>Because nothing says “that turns me on” like a dictator’s face sheathed on a dick:

A condom seller has been ordered to shut his shop for displaying his wares without Chinese instructions and in “inappropriate packages,” including ones bearing a likeness of Mao Zedong, a state newspaper said.


The condoms were wrapped in small metal containers decorated with funny pictures or images of historical people.

“Zhang printed China’s national emblem on a condom called ‘lady-killers’, and on the packing of the box was the image of soldier Lei Feng and the country’s late Chairman Mao Zedong,” the newspaper said.

You know what I’m thinking. Somewhere out there, someone’s blowing some ancient dong (I imagine only an older man would find this cool) rubber-wrapped with Chairman Mao

…and loving it. Ew.

They should come up with rubber gloves with Bush’s face on the palm for exclusive use by proctologists. He’s had his hands up our ass for the past six years. Might as well have his face on the gloves to prove it.

Reuters: Shopkeeper purged over Mao condoms

7 thoughts on “>Putting The "Ow" In Chairman Mao.

  1. >can you say profits in chinese????that wouldn't be a bad idea…imagine's bush face, "inside" a condom, instead of on the outside. when you bust a nut, it'll all go on his face. TAKE THAT YOU MAGGOT!!!!why desecrate a woman's pussy wif dis fuck on a condom?hmmmm, imagine the sales???better yet, how about a roll of toilet tissue with each sheet imprinted gee-dubya mug on it. wiping yo' ass would be so much fun….even when you don't have to take a shit!


  2. >WOW, Lance!! You bust out of the wall like The Hulk with that one!!Dubya toilet paper and innie condoms (face on the inside) would be a runaway GLOBAL hit.


  3. >C'MON LO!!!! LET'S DO THE DAMN THING AND GET "REALLY" PAID!!!…….then we can put the trilogy of "scenes", "getting" and "taste" on the big screen.hi peaches!!!!


  4. >oh, we most definitely have to do this now…do a whole series. bush, bin laden, and of course…dick cheney. …but fellas, would it be "gay" to wipe "dick" up yer ass?…lol


  5. >Since we are always being watched, don't be surprised if you see this on the market. I'm sure "Spencers (the novelty store)" could sell a ton of this. I don't think the conservative grocers would be in favor of it. Your online sales would also be through the roof.


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