>The Restoration Of Sanity…


Can officially begin.

In a rout once considered almost inconceivable, Democrats won a 51st seat in the Senate and regained total control of Congress after 12 years of near-domination by the Republican Party.

The shift dramatically alters the government’s balance of power, leaving President Bush without GOP congressional control to drive his legislative agenda. Democrats hailed the results and issued calls for bipartisanship even as they vowed to investigate administration policies and decisions.

Democrats completed their sweep Wednesday evening by ousting Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia, the last of six GOP incumbents to lose re-election bids in a midterm election marked by deep dissatisfaction with the president and the war in Iraq.

After the past six years of madness, I had begun to believe America was headed past the point of no return. The people have given me hope again. The system finally worked. Justice was served.

It was about time.

Democrats win control of Congress

2 thoughts on “>The Restoration Of Sanity…

  1. >ditto lo…it'sa 'bout time!!!!now, it's time to hold the dems accountable and bring everything to a "moderate" agenda. look for the war in iraq to end by next summer and bin laden to be caught/killed between now and then


  2. >What will also be interesting is whether people of color will get any love after these mid term elections. True, white folks came out, but I know we came out in droves, it will be interesting to see how they treat us. It's also perfect timing for these results because if we get shafted with no vaseline as we have in the past, we can decide if we want to help deliver the White House to the Dem's in '08.


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