>Friday Flashback.

>This one doesn’t need much prefacing. It’s an Eighties classic from Oran ‘Juice’ Jones

…who released an album in 1986 called Juice.

The song, of course, is the infectious, silly, funny, scary/stalker boyfriend anthem to end all anthems, “The Rain.” Enjoy!!! Oh, and remember: Don’t. touch. that. coat!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Happy Friday!!!

Amazon.com: Oran ‘Juice’ Jones: Juice
Oran ‘Juice’ Jones on SoulWalking

6 thoughts on “>Friday Flashback.

  1. >You know Lo, it's a trip to me how we sometimes think alike. I thought about covering this very same song, but a friend of mine sent me something I couldn't overlook, and I went with that instead. Speaking of which, I think you will like. Walking in the Rain is a classic.


  2. >lol…classic, no doubt.this was a true "he man" song. no whinin'no bullshit.just straight to the point, cut to the chase. one of the beauties of this song is, you didn't need a video. the lyrics were so visual, you can see it happening. that's what lost with today's music, too much reliance on music videos to save the craft of writing.


  3. >what was also funny about this song was the response version to it. i'on kno' if it was roxanne shante or another, but the female he was "doggin'" in the song came back with a response medley and it was hilarious!


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