>Let There Be Moose.

>Okay, I know yesterday was all about Face, but I just have to bring him up one mo’ ‘gin.

He’s really, really, really good at being improvisational, and yesterday afternoon as we were working on a creative project, he spontaneously went into this old Woody Allen bit that had me howling with laughter.

He was standing, physically delivering the story in a voice that was spot-on Woody, and it was the funniest sh*t ever. I asked him where the bit came from (I didn’t remember it from any of Woody’s movies, of which I’m a big fan). Turns out it was from a comedy album called Standup Comic, filled with classic comedy routines Woody had done in the Sixties.

Anyway, I just had to find the original bit and share it with you. Anecdotes like this and the classic Mudbone bit, “Little Feets,” by Richard Pryor, are the stuff which makes up the very foundation of solid comedy and influenced generations of comics that followed. Here’s Woody doing the original bit, “The Moose.” Hope you guys enjoy it!!! (Click the link below to listen.)

The Moose

Woody Allen Online
Amazon.com: Woody Allen: Standup Comic
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