R.I.P. Ed Bradley.

I once met Ed Bradley in early 1998 at a book party at a townhouse on the Upper East Side (in NYC).

I ended up in a conversation with him and another much-respected, history-making journalist of color, Charlayne Hunter-Gault. The three of us stood there having a most excellent chat. Charlayne was telling us about South Africa, where I believe she was either living or had been spending a great deal of time. It was quite impressive to meet her after having watched her on television for so many years. What I remember most about that night, though, was how awed I was to be in Ed Bradley’s presence. He was tall, very tall, strong-limbed, and very, very handsome. I recall looking at his earring. I couldn’t believe I was having a conversation with someone I’d had such admiration for.

He was a great man who made great strides for African Americans and society at-large.

Ed Bradley was one of our jewels. Sunday nights at 7pm will never be the same.

Washington Post: Ed Bradley of ’60 Minutes’ Dies at 65

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Ed Bradley.

  1. >i was saddend to learn about ed's passing yesterday. it was like losing a family member. he was one of my heroes in the journalism business. i never had the chance to meet him personally, but with his tv candor, you felt like you did. ed, gordon parks, moneta sleet jr. and lester sloan were my idols i looked up to when pursued my dream and became a photojournalist back in 1987. considering the conservative visuals of t.v. reporters, it was something about ed's earring that said, "i'm no ordinary brother, i'm the man!!!!" to me. did y'all feel the same?


  2. >interesting to note, that the picture of ed bradley with muhammad ali on the post, seem to make the men look small….but they both were giants in size, 6'3"+


  3. >Something I believe wholeheartedly: we don't choose our professions, they choose us. Ed Bradley was born to do what he did. Like you said, Lance, as viewers we felt like we knew him because of his candor and the wonderful rapport he had with his subject and the camera. He was the type of guy that could make anyone open up and share secrets.I can't imagine Sunday nights without him.


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