It’s like that.

She had a very, very, very busy weekend and is under the weather to boot. The poor thing needs a break. Meanwhile, I’m here with my trusty pole

…some fried chicken

…and some music. Enjoy the show. She’ll be back tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “>Yup.

  1. >yeah, gal…you kno' we lo zoners all gotta meet someday. yeah lo, i'm stompin' on your toes with this'un. c'mon y'all…let's party!rich! juan! sound the alarm!!!!!let's say somewhere warm…how 'bout late february, during oscar time? we can all "roll" down to LA and be cheerleaders!!!! i'm sure will smith, forest whitaker, derek luke maybe up for oscars, even denzel….we could have a lo zoners/oscar bash!!!! feb. 25, 2007 is oscar sunday!!! anyone else wanna chip in on this?yeah, i'm always startin' trubble!


  2. >February sounds great. I love traveling during that month. It helps to relieve the cabin fever that resulted in the winter. We definitely need to go somewhere on the West Coast, say LA-ish. Since nobody (I'm not calling any names) in LA will have the party we keep talking about, maybe we should just all show up and create the party.


  3. >i'm feelin' ya on that rich. i thought about this last week after the passing of ed bradley and gerald levert. we can't keep taking tomorrow for granted because one day WILL be our last.if not LA, how 'bout MIAMI?(fckdn) <===even the feds are in on it (fuck da noise)…lol


  4. >true, true….i got peeps in both states also.'nuff talkin'…what y'all think in lo zone land? y'all down or what?sheletha?, girly_girl?, matt? mj?, juan?, dawnya?, lboogie? anonymouseses out there?comments are more than welcomed!


  5. >Did you people even bother to ask Lo if she wants you to bring a party her way? How arrogant of you and you're planning all this today when she's not even around. The least you could do is ask her.Respectful in NYC


  6. >Way to go anonymous!!!!!! These fools have no right to intrude on her life without even bothering to ask her if she wants it. How stupid is that????????????? Thanks for saying what a whole lot of people are probably thinking as they read this blog.Hope you feel better, Lo!!!!!!


  7. >Did anyone even set a date???? I didn't think so…this is what happens when you plan…people just talk about what they would like to see happen. nothing is set in stone. and those of you who don't know…lance loves to talk shit, and if by chance he isnt this time then one monkey aint gon' stop no show. i would love to see and meet and hollah with the one and only ms lolita…but the meeting of the minds is something that has to take place. If she can't come then…Ill see her on tour…im only arrogant when my confidence meets your insecurites.


  8. >"im only arrogant when my confidence meets your insecurites"HA…you go Sheletha!I may have to use that one!I'm down for L.A. It would give me another reason to go home (seeing my family and friends) is first and foremost!


  9. >Sad day on the Lo Zone. One, because Lo's not here today. Two, it's good she isn't with people out here calling her names. I've met Lo before and she's very, very nice and she's definitely nobody's monkey. I'm shocked Sheletha would imply such a thing, but then when it's all said and done we're all strangers out here in cyberspace who only show what we want to show so I don't know what Sheletha's motivations are.


  10. >You "anonymous" people are so funny. First of all, "One monkey don't stop no show" is an old figure of speech that I heard growing up as a child, nobody is calling Lo a monkey. I'm sure you are bright enough to figure out that it means the show will go on even if a handful of people show and we have the party in a hotel suite.As for Lo, believe me when I tell you, nothing gets by her. She just might be laughing at all of these rantings and ravings, even from her bed. The laptop never closes!Next up, we aren't planning a party for Lo. It's only called the Lo Zone Party because we all met here. If she can't come, it would be all good, but I would still love to meet Lance, Juan, Sheletha, Saadia, Dawnya, Matt, Monique, MJ, or whoever else would like to come. It would be GREAT for Lo to come, but we can still have a party without her. Yes, it is a sad day on The Lo Zone indeed. It's sad that people take themselves so seriously that they feel like they have to run out and scold those of us who show love out here on a daily. How about flipping the script and some of you "anonymous" people choose an identity and become a regular part of the fun that we have all come to enjoy, instead of running out to play cyber cop. Where's the love people, where's the love.For the record, Lance does this just about everytime Lo is "out" for the day, and Lo hasn't taken offense up till now. So everybody lighten up and keep the fun coming. Peace


  11. >this is very, very, interesting.i come home from work…check the computer, the lo zone blog and WOW!!! 19 COMMENTS?!!!! and lo ain't even here?…whoa! looks like there's gonna be a party after all. i begin to read the comments and here comes the drama.that lance fella always startin' sum shit.lemme break it down for all you so called "haters" out there…the anonymous of the world.1) i've been knowing lolita for nearly 10 years now, if we're to do ANYTHING in or around or about her, it would first be with HER consent.* the only exception to THIS rule is a few of us LO ZONERS were planning a surprise birthday party for her in september, but we couldn't get any of her LA friends to participate.*(the party idea originated from shaun robinson's b'day bash which lo posted a few months back)so, anonymous of the world, do ya think we shoulda told lo about giving her a surprise birthday party?i'm sure yo dumb ass probably would say yes, just like you probably voted republican in the last election. LOSER.(note: this lo zoner party is something that's been in the works (behind the scenes) for sometime now and lolita is aware of it but timing is an issue. she works hard just like anybody else, but sometimes even when you can't do it, throw a party or whatever…you can't just put all the pressure on one person. someone else has to take paton and i and several others are willing to do it)2) just cause we meet, with/without lo, doesn't mean we can't meet "physically" together. hell, we're doing this now on the blog via cyberspace and she's not even here!3) the lo zone is like a lounge. you come ack the fool, like i usually do or just chill, get a laugh move on.and what the fucks up with this anonymous shit anyway? at least JENNIFER LYNN had the balls to come out on her identity and at least defend her thoughts.and for some of you bloggers and are new to THIS game, "rookies" "newbies" so to speak, so i'll give you break…but the next time, pay more attention to the comments of the regular lo zoners like myself, rich, matt, girly_girl, juan, sheletha, monique, dawnya, mj, and others and just like rich sez it's all about love. there's no hatin' going on. just good ol' fashion networking and enjoying life, one day at a time.peace…


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