>Because When You’re Under The Weather…


…all manner of cravings dance in your head.

The thoughts torment you. You see them over and over again.

You gotta have it. Even if the way you want it doesn’t make any sense.


If I can manage to get out of bed, I will be getting some Krispy Kreme today.

Krispy Kreme Online

8 thoughts on “>Because When You’re Under The Weather…

  1. >The Luther!!!!! Those of us who watch the BOONDOCKS have seen it before.I never tasted it before…too much of a punk. It looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.Hope you feeling better..get your donuts, then tell me whats on tv.


  2. >must be nice to have a krispy kreme these days…in nyc & long island, the krispy kreme franchise folded up, why? dunno? but i thought they were going strong, especially after being featured on "sex and the city", i just knew krispy kreme was gonna blow up.it did in a way…a bust. just couldn't compete with dunkin' donuts.but back home in north carolina, the home of krispy kreme, life is good…different story. sheletha, didja know the home of krispy kreme is right down the street from you in winston-salem?


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