Sometimes It’s Best To Just Take A Pass.

Especially at a gig where you might be out of your league.

Eric Jerome Dickey Bubs sent me this video, and, oh my goodness, it KILLS. I don’t know how old it is. I’m assuming it took place some time between 2001, after the movie Ali, and 2004, before the movie Ray. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a roast for former Dallas Cowboy (and my fellow alum) Emmitt Smith, but it goes badly awry for comedian Doug Williams

…as Jamie Foxx eats homie’s lunch (in an awfully figurative way). After it’s all over, Jamie even calls him by the wrong name, referring to him as baller Doug Christie

…making it an all-around total shameout.

*Thanks, Bubs!!!

7 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Best To Just Take A Pass.

  1. >too funny…was this doug "christie" first and last, 15 seconds of fame?he'd be lucky to get his mama to co-sign on a car for him after that shit!…i meant skit.


  2. >hmmmm, it just ocurred to me…in reading the post, "this" doug williams may have been mistaken for "another" doug williams, who used to be a quarterback for the washington redskins one of emmitt's team, the dallas cowboys, chief rivals. both are super bowl mvps. they never played each other as williams retired in 1989 and smith entered the nfl in 1990, but they could have developed a friendship off the field.maybe whoever created the roast, though it would be cool to have "the" doug williams to roast emmitt, but instead got this fool.gotta admit, makes for great comedy!!!!


  3. >Wow, am I the only one who thought Jamie was just disrespectful? Funny, how people forget where they came from. What's jacked is that Jamie knows Doug. The was really some inner ugliness going on.Bully on a schoolyard shit. Karma is a ….


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