Six. More. Days.

Jigga’s new joint, Kingdom Come

…doesn’t officially drop until next Tuesday, November 21st, but you can hear the whole thing ahead of time over at Clear Channel Music. You can CLICK HERE or the image below to go to the site.

[click image to go to Clear Channel Music]

I’m totally lovin’ it. It’s like getting an early Christmas gift.

*Check out “Beach Chair,” featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay. Niiiiiiiiiice.

>Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come at Clear Channel Music Jay-Z: Kingdom Come

3 thoughts on “Six. More. Days.

  1. >hey, have y'all seen that new budweiser commerical with jay-z and dale earnhardt,jr….well, enough about them, i was checking out the cars…a ferrari f430 spyder and pagani zonda roadster f…my, oh, my, oh, my!!!!!!


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