>Talk About Bringing Sexy Back!!!


Looking who’s coming to the stage for the very first time!!!


That’s right, five-time NAACP-Award-winning playwright (and my dear friend), David E. Talbert, has written a phenomenal new play called “Love in the Nick of Tyme,” starring the sexy and talented star of film and television—the one, the only, Morris Chestnut, in his theatrical debut.

(Don’t the two of them look hot to def in that pic????)

BET is partnering with Talbert to produce a once-in-a-lifetime event jam-packed with drama, comedy, romance, and soul-stirring music by talented R&B chart-topper, Vivian Green.


The play is coming to a city near you starting January 2007, and don’t be surprised to see me out on the road with it (not performing on stage, but as a part of the behind-the-scenes world). Log on to davidetalbert.com for tour dates and your chance to win a trip for two including front row seats to the show and VIP backstage passes.

It’s going to be a blast!! The perfect way to bring in the new year.

I. can’t. wait!!!!!!!!

David E. Talbert Online

16 thoughts on “>Talk About Bringing Sexy Back!!!

  1. >Thank God Morris has come a long way from his "boyz in the hood" days. He looks damn good here!!!Tasty…Im not going to say too much, he may be watching me.Is he watching me, Lo?


  2. >What's up Viv!!Head nod to Dave and Morris. What's up Fella's. I'm all in when this comes to St. Louis. Can't wait! Morris is a great actor and I hear Dave is the bomb writer, next to Lo of course – LOL!


  3. >I guess a brother has to do some traveling to see this one. St. Louis is way down on the list (so far down, I didn't see it). I'm sure we are in the second rotation. Anyway, I look forward to running y'all down either in New York, Orlando or Atlanta. I'm one of those anxious types, so probably sooner than later or maybe a couple times. My parents live in Atlanta, so I could fly in and bring them, they don't get out much, so it will be quite the treat.


  4. >yeah, rich…leave those STL guns at home!!!!!GET READY DAWG!!!! CAROLINA PANTHERS FITTIN' TO STUMP THE ST. LOOEY RAMS THRU DA FLO'!!!!!…so much for the good son. ;-P


  5. >where u is rich?…i gotta go and make pepsi for lo and sheletha! i'll be back in about 10 hours.speak yo' mind brudda!!!!oh yeah, hi viv, mo' and dave…like lo sez, kick back enjoy some snacks and a pepsi (unless you're mixin' it with rum) my love for pepsi can ONLY go so far!yo rich, get at me dawg!!!!


  6. >Y'all are too funny. And Rich, you are a good son. That just might earn you some free tickets to the show.Speaking of the show, y'all should hear the hilarious interview Dave and Morris did on the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning. Steve is a straight fool. Go check it out on Dave's website at davidetalbert.com. When you get to the site, you'll see a black box on the right hand side. Click where it says "Interviews", then click "Steve Harvey Show." It's straight comedy.


  7. >wow..that was a funny interview on the steve harvey morning show. i wonder how the tom joyner morning show is faring, cause everybody i know up and down the east coast is putting steve's show over tom's hands down.when tom was in new york, it fared okay for a minute at KISS-FM. then 9/11 happened. the need for local people to address the concerns of the community was lost amidst the syndicated programming, but when WBLS, picked up and headquartered the steve harvey morning show last year, outta nyc, they've been number one in the morning for the past 2 months straight. wow! never thought an old country boy like steve could pull it off, but he did. the show is just too funny!best of luck to david, morris and viv….look forward to the tour in the nyc area.


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