Show Me What You Got!!!

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend Jigga pulled off one for the books in celebration of his new cd, Kingdom Come, which drops tomorrow, November 21st.

In one of the gutsiest album launches ever, this past Saturday, November 18th, homie did 7 half-hour concerts in 7 cities in 24 hours – in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Called “The Hangar Tour“…


…(because his plane was touching down in hangar after hangar as he made his way across the country), it was a bonafide blockbusting blowout!!! Now here’s the best part:


Can you believe it??? Talk about a stroke of good luck!!!

As y’all know, I was under the weather for most of the week with what was a seriously kick-ass stomach flu. I didn’t get out of bed until 4pm this past Saturday, and that was just to walk my dogs. While I was walking them, my dear friend, the gorgeous and talented Lyn Talbert


…called and left me a message saying she had tickets for his L.A. appearance that was to take place at 11:30pm that night and she wanted to know if I wanted to go. I almost lost my mind when I heard the message and couldn’t dial her fast enough. I was going to that concert, even if it meant I had to be in a Hazmat suit and a pair of Depends. And dammit, I went. Shonuf, shonuf!!! (No Depends were necessary.)

And because I love y’all so, I wanted to share the experience with you, so I took my five-year-old (but still quite effective) digital camera to snap some pics and video. As a result, I created my very first music video!!! I edited it and put in some cool effects and errthang!!!

Here’s some of the pics. First the deejay got us hyped while we waited inside The Wiltern, an historic Art Deco venue.


Then Jay and his nukka 4 life, Memphis Bleek, took the stage by storm.


Jigga after taking a sip of water.


Mo’ Jigga!!!


And lastly, here’s my very first music video. Sure, the audio may be a bit sucky (suddenly getting loud in some places, a bit crispy and poppy in others), but hey, this is my first time at the rodeo. But it won’t be my last, you can bet that. I’m gonna be bucking on bulls, lassoing coyotes (pronounced “kah-yoat“), boot-scootin’, and two-steppin’ in no time flat. I’m a quick study, and I think I’ve discovered something that fascinates me a bit. (You can also go HERE to MTV’s site for more professional clips of Hov’s live performances at various stops on the “The Hangar Tour.”)

Anyway, here’s my video.* Be kind. I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my…you know. This comes from the heart ’cause I luh y’all and I luh Jigga, and I luh, luh, luh Lyn for putting me on to this. It’s only 45 seconds long (yeah, I said it…my old camera only does 15 seconds of video at a time, so I spliced together three videos), but it’s 45 seconds of Hova. What more do you need?

*That’s right, I was brave (cough, foolish, cough) enough to upload it to YouTube, that way I could embed it in this blog easier. I must be really delusional to put it out there for public consumption. Hey, where’s my beret, my high chair, and my bullhorn? I think I might just wanna di-wreck!!!

**Thanks, Lyn!!! You made my whole month with this!!! And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!!

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20 thoughts on “Show Me What You Got!!!

  1. >thanks for sharing lo…you know more and more…jay-z is becoming the greatest rapper of all time…as long as he stays alive.and with his new budweiser spot, his game has gone to THAT level! i can't think right off hand of a globally-recognized alcohol beverage putting a rapper on the face of it in promos and such.i guess the ferrari and zonda switchin' both lanes (that's the car in the bud t.v. commerical with jay-z & dale earnhardt, jr driving the ferrari)*note: dale earnhardt, jr is of NASCAR racing fame. his popularity is on a stratospheric level, the same with jay-z in the racing game. don't be surprised if you don't see jay-z at the daytona 500 next year with jr.*


  2. >Yup!!! That's what he closed with. I was screaming like a white girl in a roomful of newly-signed, first-round NBA players.Oops. Did I say that out loud?(rdpdubel) <== stupidest word verification ever.


  3. >you know what i would like to see…a freestyle battle…a civil war…jay-z vs ludacris: brooklyn's finest vs the dirty southhmmm…i'll put up the $$$, pay-per-view for that one!


  4. >Two different styles. It ends up being subjective. I like Luda but he has a totally different approach than Jay. As an older head, I like the word play and visuals that Jay brings to the game. Jay is for when you want your mind to go to the playground, Luda on the other hand is mostly for getting your party on. I actually like Luda better on screen.


  5. >true, true rich…or put it this way…interesting to see luda and jay-z on a duet, sorta like with jay and jermaine dupri…"money ain't a thang"….like the best of both worlds…but better!i don't know how many of y'all out there heard the ill-fated pepsi radio spot with ludacris before bill o'reilly and dem crackers "helped" pull the plug…but that joint was the hypest radio spot for a soft drink since the tribe called quest kick'd it for sprite!lo, have didja hear it?


  6. >mmmmmm i love me some luda, his beats are fresh but his lyrics are kinda less to be desired. Great for dancing in the mirror after a shower.(qapcj—just for meeeee)


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