>This Sounds Like Something Out Of "The Sopranos."


A horrific job at that.


The bodies of four women were found Monday in a ditch behind a motel, not far from the Atlantic City Visitors Welcome Center, authorities said.

The bodies were found face down in several inches of water, said Janet Niedosik, a spokeswoman for the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office.

One body was discovered by two women walking on a path, and police found the other three, Niedosik said.

The bodies were “some distance apart from each other,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey Blitz said.

Autopsies were scheduled for Tuesday.

The bodies were found in Egg Harbor Township, less than 200 yards from a welcome center on the edge of Atlantic City.

Onlookers said the area around the motels is known for drugs and prostitution.

“You don’t stay here unless you’re doing something wrong,” said Danielle Trombetta, 16, of Egg Harbor Township.

This kind of stuff is so awful, and all too often, it’s women that are the ones found dead.

Is there a war against women? Or is this a war against life itself?

Yahoo News: Bodies found behind Atlantic City motel

3 thoughts on “>This Sounds Like Something Out Of "The Sopranos."

  1. >well, considered AC isn't too far from PINE BARRENS (probably one of the funniest episodes of THE SOPRANOS*) it very well may have been a mob-job.*the pine barrens episode of the sopranos was when chistopher and paulie was supposed to kill this big russian mobster, who was an ex-kgb solider, but lost him in the freezing cold and snow. in trying to kill the russian they got lost in the woods and nearly froze to death, but later saved by tony and bobby*


  2. >'Pine Barrens" is one of my favorite episodes. Speaking of favorite things from THE SOPRANOS, the funniest thing Chrissy (Christopher) ever said on the show…he was on the site of one of their union jobs and was apparently having some issues with one of the union guys. Christopher starts singing, "If I were a carpenter, and you were a douchebag."Too funny. Guess you gotta know the original song to know how damn funny it was to hear him change the lyrics so appropriately.


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