Can Kiss My Natural Black Ass.


I’ve had enough of their bullsh*t. I spent all day yesterday hoping against hope that they would somehow, miraculously, fix their stupid problem. Finally, I said forget it and spent most of last night migrating my blog over to another location. From now on, I publish my blog through WordPress, which, in turn, sends it up to my hosting site so you guys can see it.

What’s really enraging is the problem I encountered is obviously a major glitch in Blogger’s system that they refuse to acknowledge (as evidenced by the thousands of disgrunted Blogger users I found on blogging forums and message boards seeking a solution just like me). All of us had the same issue…this:


And no, it was NOT a problem with my hosting site. We determined very early yesterday morning that there was no issue whatsoever on their end with FTP transfers. But Blogger doesn’t give a sh*t. Them, and Google (the cheap bastards who own them), can go f*ck themselves.

Sorry for the rage. I have over 900 posts that still have to be migrated to this new site. It’s insanity, but if it means leaving behind nonsense and foolishness, it’s all well worth it. The posts that didn’t show up yesterday are now visible here. And yeah, I’ve decided to go with a different look over here, but change is good. The Lo Zone is still The Lo Zone…just new and improved.

So there you have it. Onward and upward. Breathe in. Breathe out. Oh yeah…


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