>Back In The Game, Baby!!!


They can’t keep me down, y’all!!!

Blogger.com (the free blogging software I use to create The Lo Zone and publish it up to my main server) had technical difficulties for nearly two weeks and was unable to communicate with my hosting site correctly (they’re in the process of switching to a beta version that has been very problematic for many of its users). I was going crazy, but they couldn’t keep me away forever.*

Back in the game, baby!!! Back in the game!!!

*You’ll see the old posts from November 21st, which was the last time I was able to blog. The posts published but couldn’t be seen on the website because of the technical issues. Now they’re visible two weeks later. Duh.

5 thoughts on “>Back In The Game, Baby!!!

  1. >YAY LO!!!!!we wuz fittin' to worry…what the hell are we gonna do now? *sad*…but now we're happy-happy you're back!!!! *smiles**hey, girly_girl, pass da bottle!…lo's back!*(big ups to rich.saadia.dawyna for holding down the fort while you were away)


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